10 Ways to Use Subconscious Mind for Lifelong Happiness

By Volunteer Writer | Posted: March 01, 2019

We’ve all had moments of feeling defeated, guilty, frustrated, and unhappy. What happens next? Do we pick ourselves up, happily? Or do we go through our day with half enthusiasm, dread, and negativity? What is happening here? If we understand this, we can possibly change the rest of our lives.

When we’re low, we’re moving through a series of negative narrations in our mind. Those of us who are wise enough to know realize that we’re more than the mind and body. We may not be aware of it all the time. We have the ego, intellect, memory, and the subconscious mind.

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We’re the sum of many parts. If we’re to believe scientists, philosophers, or our wise elders, a human being is the most complex, gifted working organism that exists in this universe. Now, that’s a whole lot of pressure on us. It’s easier to think of ourselves as just simple people.

Here are a few things we’ve got to learn:

  1. Who am I? There’s a subconscious side to us. The subconscious mind is a very powerful tool that absorbs everything happening around us and to us.
  2. We’re storehouses of impressions: There’s an inner dialogue that’s going on inside of us, almost like a good guy and a not-so-good guy. But, what happens when the inner dialogue only revolves around negativity and frustration? We might think that it’s going away, when, in fact, the negativity is storing up inside. Where? Everywhere, but especially in the subconscious mind.
  3. We become what we believe: When the thoughts become negative, the going becomes negative. We create what we think. We think anger, and we create angry situations around us. We think failure, we get got it.












Alright, so we now know that our subconscious mind is living with us every day. Every moment. How do we change the dialogue and program our subconscious towards happiness and success? How do we take care of our subconscious mind? How do we utilize the power of the subconscious mind?

  1. Don’t bother completing that negative thought. Just stop it right there and change it to a happy, positive thought. Yes, I know it’s difficult but you can, with practice and patience. In ancient India, it was believed that angels everywhere are simply waiting to grant people their wishes. So, if you say: I’m going to have a really hard day - watch out! There could be an angel nearby that’s only too pleased to grant your wish!

  2. Think only positive and good. Sometimes it's not possible. Then just relax. If negative thoughts come, let them. Envelop yourself and emit positivity through meditation, faith in a benevolent higher power, or faith in yourself.

  1. Start the day on a positive note. Look at your hands every morning, and tell yourself: these hands are going to do amazing work.

  2. Every night, meditate for ten minutes before turning in and be grateful. It doesn’t matter how your day went, what challenges you had, or what failures. Just be grateful and happy. You’ve got a lot going for you in the present moment, right here and right now.

  3. Meditate regularly. Yes, you got that right. Our subconscious mind is a storehouse of our feelings, experiences, and thoughts. And we’re all human. Events and people will leave their residue in us. It’s natural. Just use meditation as a special detox for your subconscious. Meditation does a whole lot more. Know that it does a lot of good, and your subconscious will love your practice of meditation.

  4. Sleep well. A lack of sleep can require the body and mind to function at their optimal levels when actually they’re exhausted. An exhausted mind is susceptible to irritation, anger, and negativity. An exhausted body is depleting its reserves. Sleep for at least 6-8 hours to help program yourself to a positive state of life.

  1. Think big. Dream larger-than-life. And know that focusing on a goal that has a good intention is the best thing ever. It will give you a sense of purpose and strength to overcome challenges, and lift your mind from small, petty issues.

  2. Be confident. Ask for what you want from the universe and don’t hesitate. If you’re hesitant to ask the question or unsure about getting it, the universe will reflect your energy. And perhaps it won’t be sure about giving you what you want. Not a pretty thought, right?

  3. Work hard. You’ve already asked and expressed yourself clearly. Now, work for it. Don’t assume something pretty will just land at your door without an inch of hard work. Work for your dream, your desires, your requests.

  4.  And now, have faith. You’ve asked confidently; you’ve worked hard. Now surrender it. Be happy and have faith that only the best will happen to you.

And relax. You’re perfect the way you are. And practice makes you even more perfect. It might not be easy to undo years of conditioning or suddenly stop the negative narration that’s going on within. Be patient, easy on yourself, and believe. The power of your subconscious mind is in your hands. Your story has just begun.

Based on Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s wisdom talks and inputs from Dr. Prema Seshadri, faculty member, The Art of Living.

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