5 Tips to Sleep Well If You Feel Tired All The Time

The most learned professor in the Ivy League school, the shrewd banker at the stock exchange, the metro train driver, the farmer and a waiter at a busy restaurant, they all might have their own lives round the clock. Yet they all will let go and experience the same rest and relaxation in their sleep.

Sleep is the most basic yet the most essential aspect of our physical and mental well-being. Our lifestyle changes and work commitments disturb our harmony with sleep and might put us to fatigue during the day.

A few tips can help you create a marked difference to your sleeping patterns and keep your day more active and productive.


Make Your Bedroom More Sleep Friendly


The most primary element to your sleep is a relaxing bedtime environment. A tranquil and serene environment with no bright lights sets the right tone to sleep.

The right ventilation depending on the climate will add to the sleep experience.

Avoid having flashy or bright lights in your sleep area which cast a lot of disturbance to your eyes.

Dress loose into some comfortable night clothes which enable you to feel more ease.

Do not place gadgets like phone, laptops and tablets around your sleep area as their radiation might cause some disturbance to your mind.


Be Consistent With Your Bed Time


“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” goes a famous kindergarten rhyme.

While we cannot totally implement it in today’s busy world, a consistent sleep pattern and a sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours is very important for the mind to charge itself to meet the jolts and bolts of your day’s work. A consistent sleep pattern will naturally condition your body to rest well and your mind to settle down and recharge itself from the fatigue and weariness.


Fight Hunger Cramps and After-dinner Drowsiness


It is not advisable to sleep on an empty stomach. For most people hunger can be a strong impediment to a sound sleep. Likewise, over-eating can also be a pebble in the bottle to rest. An early and an adequate dinner should be preferred.

Allow yourself sufficient time between your meal and bed time for the food to digest and bring back your metabolism back to normalcy.

Eating late is not advisable too as it pushes your sleep time to midnight and the after dinner drousiness might make you get into bed you might not get a sound sleep as the metabolic rate in the body increases.

A light protein rich dinner with a few carbohydrates should make for an ideal dinner.

Sleep should not be an extreme shift for your mind. It is not preferable to listen to loud music or watch heavy visuals on TV and computer which might be an impediment for the mind and body to rest.


Experience Complete Relaxation During Bedtime With Yoga Nidra


Allowing your mind to settle down might help for a sound sleep. Just as a machine is turned down and rinsed with coolants after the work, it is essential to cool down your body after the day.

During the course of yoga nidra, taking you take your attention to various parts of the body it provides deep rest to both your mind and body thereby enabling you to slip into a happy and deep sleep.

“Yoga Nidra helps provides your body with deep rest and also helps flush out all the fatigue accumulated in the body,” says Prajakti Deshmukh, a senior meditation faculty.


Take Quick Breaks & Power Naps



Frequent tiresomeness can also be attributed to continuous work schedules and overworking yourself. Fatigue happens due to the lack of oxygen in our system. Even the most advanced Formula One Races have spare laps when you the car stops for a moment. 

Quick breaks of 7 to 10 minutes once in an hour or two can always be an opportunity to pause, drink some water, breathe some fresh air, gather your thoughts and energy and bounce back to work.

Breaks at regular intervals allow your body to relax and thereby restoring the oxygen levels in the body. Little breaks in midst of your work schedules ensure your energy levels and keep your productivity at check.

A considerable gap of 15 to 20 min in the late afternoons can always be converted into a quick power naps which replenish your bodies to former levels of enthusiasm.


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