A – Adaptability

Yoga makes me focused and energetic. The more flexible my body is, the suppler is my mind. This makes me more open to change, with an ability to adapt to situations. – Resha Desai Patel, Manager.

B – Balance

Yoga gives me the strength to strike a balance between the extremes of joy and sorrow, excitement and disappointment, attachment and apathy. – Deepti Sachdev, Teacher

C – Confidence

Yoga gives me the confidence that my body is healthy. – Mukta Behere, Writer

D – (New) Dimensions

Yoga opens up new dimensions in life. – Pallavi Joshi, Content Manager

E – Enthusiasm

Sometimes when life feels dry, yoga brings back the enthusiasm and keeps me happy. – Nikita Vasa, Social Media Marketing ethusiast.

F – Freshness

First thing in the morning, yoga gives me the freshness of an energy drink to carry through the whole day. The effect is instant, I feel extremely active. – Pritika Nair, Writer

G – Glow

Ever since I started practicing yoga regularly, my friends now compliment me that my skin is getting glow. – Alok Anand, Software Programmer

H – Harmony

Stress through the day creates disharmony in our body-mind complex. Yoga in the evening brings back the harmony. – Varun Uniyal, Business Analyst

I – Innovative Fitness Scheme

My yoga is full of an innovative variety of postures that help me keep fit. – Rajeev Ahuja, Sales Manager

J – Jubilant

Yoga makes me jubilant and has made my life into a celebration. – Pooja Midha, Housewife

K – (Fun) Kingdom

My yoga school is the place where I have a lot of fun – twisting, turning and doing dance yoga with all my friends. It is the best place to be. – Hardick Sharma, School Student.

L – Love Myself

Yoga brings me closer to myself and also makes me spread love around me. – Karan Grover, Businessman.

M – My Time

One hour of yoga in the morning – I like to call it my personal time: the time I just like to be with myself. – Hitanshi Sachdev, Student.

N – Newness

My daily practice of yoga makes me live every moment of my life with a sense of newness. – Priyanka Chawla, Journalist.

O – Opens Up My Heart And Mind

After a yoga session, I find that I am more open to new ideas and thoughts and more confident about implementing them. – Sylaja Kannan, Writer

P – Prime Time

My daily yoga session is my prime time, it is during that time that my yoga refreshes me and keeps me energetic during the day. – Divya Sachdev, Writer

Q – Quality Of Life

In different ways yoga adds value and improves the quality of my life. – Divya Verma, Associate with Ernst and Young

R – Reserve Bank Of Energy

With daily practice of yoga, I carry with me a surplus bank of energy. – Anand Makan

S – Spring Cleaning

Abhishek Dawar, Student

T – Tapping Creativity

Sachin Pratap Singh, Marketing Manager

U – Universal

Yoga is universal. Everyone can do yoga, from a child to an adult. – Navneet Kumar, Retired

V – Vibrations Of Joy

Whenever I do yoga with my friends, I feel the vibrations of joy spreading all around. – Aditi Vashishth, IT Professional

W – Wealth

Yoga gives me the wealth which nobody can take away – wealth of joy and love. – Anand Makan

X – X Factor

Yoga sets me apart and gives me the X factor in everything I do. – Eben Felix, Travel Writer

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Y – Youthful

Even as my body is growing older, I still feel youthful at heart, just like a five-year-old! All thanks to yoga! – Aman Lohia, Software Developer

Z – Zero Budget Weight Loss

Yoga helps me reduce weight and keeps my body fit with just a tiny investment of time. – Shivaani More, Volunteer with an NGO.