If you are looking at enjoying Bengaluru with all its flavors – the erstwhile Garden City found in the quiet lanes of Jayanagar to the trendy IT hub of Electronic City – here’s something that will help you enjoy life in this dynamic city much more. Just 20 minutes of meditation!

As a Bengalurean, you may well have got used to spending a major part of your day working, typically 10-12 hours a day. Like any other resident in the city, you too are sure to live by the spirit of working hard yet living life to the fullest. After a long, hectic week at work, don’t you eagerly look forward to a fun-filled weekend of partying and hanging out with friends?

Think about it – all these ‘hangouts’ are great. Nice to meet up with friends, beat the stress, you say. Yet, you might only feel a temporary high accompanied by a sense of fatigue. How do you feel on a Monday morning? Is it yet another day or do you go to work with zeal?

Since you determine how you are viewing and enjoying the world, it might be a good idea to spend some time with yourself.

And one great way to do that is through Sahaj Samadhi Meditation. A simple meditation technique that comes with a guarantee of an all-time high, a quick-fix when you are not feeling too well, under the weather, over the deadline, or just feeling plain good and happy.

It will keep you peaceful even as you try to jump snake- like traffic lines as you traverse back from a 10-hour shift. If you are someone who has just moved in with a promising job at an MNC, it will help you adjust to the city’s weather and food.

“When I really get worked up, I look for a quiet corner to meditate,” says a Jayanagar resident who has a busy lifestyle. “Just 20 minutes of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation instantly gives me deep rest and I feel recharged. I learnt this technique five years ago and it is a dependable solution each time.”

Why should I learn Sahaj?

  1. A unique Mantra Meditation Course
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Easy to find a Sahaj class in Bangalore
  4. It’s only a 20-minute meditation
  5. Once learnt can be done on your own
  6. Immense benefits
  7. Regular follow-up classes

What Makes Sahaj Samadhi Meditation A Unique Course?

(Shared by some Sahaj Samadhi Meditation experts)

#1 Simple yet profound

Most people think that to learn something profound, you really have to work hard and something that is easily available to us is not so profound. Sahaj Samadhi Meditation has been designed in such a way that it is profound yet so easily available to us and is simple to learn.

#2 A vehicle to go deeper

If you have to go from Jayanagar to Koramangala in Bangalore, then you could go walking, but going by car would be easier, faster and give a better experience. Similarly, the mantra given during the class acts as a powerful vehicle that allows you to go deeper effortlessly.

#3 A gift from our ancient sages

Meditation relaxes the body and the mind. However, when we relax, sometimes we doze off. Our ancient rishis (sages) realized this and have taught us the simple way of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation where a sound vibration (mantra), when used in a specific way, gives you deep relaxation and also keeps you alert.

Where can I learn Sahaj meditation?

  1. Any Sahaj meditation center near your place
  2. Any weekend at the Art of Living International Center, Bangalore

Whom can I contact in case of any query?

You could email us at sahajsamadhi@vvmvp.org

#4 Anywhere, anytime

You can do this technique anywhere sitting comfortably. Waiting at the doctor’s, stuck in a traffic jam (as long as you are not driving), waiting for a friend at a mall, and obviously, at home or office.

So wondering where to find a meditation class in Bangalore?

Among the busy corners of Bangalore lies a place that can awaken your senses.

If you are planning to join a Sahaj meditation class, while also looking for peace and quiet, the Art of Living Center in Bangalore could be a beautiful choice. The lush green trees all around have a rejuvenating effect. Your ears soak up the soothing sounds of chirping birds. The serene ambience of the Vishalakshi Mantap (the 5-tier lotus meditation hall) gives you an opportunity to go deeper and complements your meditation retreat.

“It’s a place to be with nature and to be with yourself,” shares Gunjan, who joined a meditation class at this center.

So don’t miss the opportunity to register for a Sahaj Samadhi Dhyana Yoga today! In the hustle-bustle of everyday life, priorities and desires, there is something that will give you peace. Just do it!

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s wisdom talks