There are some people who work very hard but are still not successful. Have you seen this happening around you? This is because there is a missing element in them. There is a vibration within us that is weak; a negative vibration. Meditation is necessary to remove this negative vibration.


Meditation helps increase the energy in the body. The life force increases, the intellect sharpens, and our interactions with others become more pleasant. We gain more control over how we speak. Sankalpa Shakti of the mind becomes stronger. Meditation changes your very destiny!
Meditation helps to change your perspective and through that your personality too. You become calmer, more relaxed, stronger but kinder and more compassionate. It improves the way you perceive things. It brings clarity in the mind. It improves your interactions with people around – what you say, how you act and react in different situations.
If we meditate for a few minutes every day, then we will be able to experience Divine Love showering on us. Knowledge, realization and love — these three elements are essential in life. Nobody wants to have a dull and boring life. Everyone wants a life filled with some juice, and that juice is love.

Meditation improves your interactions with people around – what you say, how you act and react in different situations.

– Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Tipping Point in Success

Until there are no positive vibrations within us, or till the time we are filled with negative vibrations, we cannot experience love in its original form. We can only experience love in its distorted forms, i.e., anger, hatred, restlessness. Love manifests in these distorted forms until then. So we should learn the method of cleansing the mind of these distortions. Once the mind is free of these distortions, everything in life starts to fall into place. This is on an individual level.
After waking up in the morning, before starting work, just sit for 10 minutes. In the evening after completing all work and coming back home we all eat food. But before dinner, sit for a short while and go deep within and repose in the self. Then things will start to change.

Better Physical Health through the Mind

Even in today’s circumstances and with current lifestyles, meditation is highly useful. If there is anything that can give us contentment today, that can help us in our work, it is meditation and faith.
Just by taking your attention to these four sutras, you will easily slip into a deep meditation, into Samadhi. These are: the divine is sarvatra (omnipresent); sarvada (eternal); belongs to everyone; and is all-powerful. The Divine is for me. If we get into the habit of relaxing and meditating just for a few minutes in the morning as well as in the evening with this feeling, then we find that miracles begin to happen, and keep happening. This is faith. That which is but cannot be seen is faith.

If there is anything that can give us contentment today, that can help us in our work, it is meditation and faith.

– Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Research shows that if we meditate 20 minutes, twice a day for eight weeks the gray matter in our brain increases and the structure of the brain changes. Today, every two seconds, we are losing seven lives on this planet because of stress. And that can be avoided. The way to relieve stress is meditation.

For Heartfelt Communication

When there is trust among people, communication happens. When the trust is broken, communication breaks down and leads to disasters. Whether in a family, in a relationship, in business or between nations, three things are key: communication, communication and communication. There are three levels of communication: head-to-head, heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul communication. Meditation is soul-to-soul communication.

How can We Become Peacemakers

There cannot be outer peace if there is no peace inside. Meditation assures inner peace. When there is inner peace, you can achieve peace outside also. If you are agitated and frustrated, you can’t create peace outside.
It’s not just the words that convey peace. Peace is a vibration. When you are calm and serene deep inside, your strength increases many-fold. When you are strong, you can walk into any place and talk about peace. Meditation gives you inner strength and it spreads calming vibrations around you. That’s why for peace meditation is essential.
Meditation brings positive change to the individual and his or her behaviour. It spreads vibrations of peace. When you are a practitioner of meditation, you send vibes of positivity and peace around you that impacts the minds of others.

Beware of the Power to Curse

A practitioner of meditation will have to be very careful. They should not curse anybody, anytime. They should keep their speech as far as possible free of negative words.
When you meditate, you get the ability to bless as well as curse. First the ability to curse comes, then the ability to bless. But just a few bad words can expend much of the good energy that comes from meditation. It’s not a wise thing to do. Meditation brings much power.
War originates in the mind of a person. When there is a fermented question in anyone’s heart, it comes out as violence, aggression. This aggression and violence doesn’t originate in the air. It originates in the hearts and minds of human beings. It first starts in the individual, then it spreads to the family, and then communities. Then it lights up like wildfire.
We need to look at the root cause of this problem. When disease spreads it doesn’t spread in a nation without the people. Disease originates in people. Similarly, war originates in the minds of people.
If there is something called mob psychology, ie., if one man’s anger can inflict or catch onto many people and mob violence can happen, then mob peace can also happen. Mob violence originates in one person’s mind or two people’s minds. Then it catches onto the whole group. The same can happen with peace too.
The world faces two big challenges: aggression and depression. Either one is aggressive and causes violence in society or is depressed and generates violence on themselves leading to suicide etc. Meditation is the answer to these challenges.