Scientists have been exploring our universe for many decades. Is there something beyond outer space?  Indians are the only ones who have explored the three types of spaces. 

Bhut Akasha

One is the physical space called Bhut Akasha, in which the four elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) exist. 

Chit Akasha

The second type of space is Chit Akasha, the inner space of the mind from where thoughts and emotions come. A person has a distinct astrological chart that indicates their Chit Akasha, the types of thoughts and emotions a person will have. 

Chid Akasha

The third space is Chid Akasha, the space of pure consciousness or energy where there are no thoughts or emotions but you just feel the energy. In deep meditation or after Sudarshan Kriya, you experience this space of love, peace, and energy.

Chid Akasha is different from Chit Akasha. Chit Akasha is a part of Chid Akasha. It is just like the space inside each pot. Suppose you have ten pots of different sizes, the amount of space inside each pot will be different. There is the individual consciousness which is Chit Akasha, and the original primordial consciousness called Chid Akasha.

Chid Akasha – The Source of All Inventions

We seldom pay attention to these three different spaces. In the Chid Akasha, in the pure consciousness, all knowledge is already there. The knowledge comes to Chit Akasha from the Chid Akasha through thoughts and emotions. While music comes as emotions, science comes as thoughts and ideas and then they manifest in Bhut Akasha (outer space) as inventions and discoveries. Our ancient sages and people did not have powerful telescopes etc. yet they knew about the universe. They knew about the movement of stars and constellations and planets to the very second. They knew the value of Pi.  There is some other faculty – intuition by which they knew all this. They downloaded knowledge from the Chid Akasha.

The Akashic Records – The Eternal Space Diaries

Consciousness is more ancient than the stones and has all the impressions (Akashic records). All thoughts, ideas, and everything we do remain in this space of consciousness (Chid Akasha). Maybe in the future, somebody will invent a device to tap into the Akashic records. What knowledge came, where, and who was thinking about what – all that can be reviewed sometime in the future because space has inscriptions of all ideas.  

Effect of Space on You

Sometimes you sit and watch the vast space, put your attention there, and the mind also becomes blank. On a nice cloudless day, just lie down and keep gazing at the stars. When you gaze at the sky, what happens? That space gets created inside too – A sort of emptiness and you get into a meditative state. 

When you are singing and everyone is singing the same tune, that space generated is harmonious and serene, especially the ancient songs, the old songs. The Sanskrit chants have an added influence because these have been in the Akashic record for the last 20,000 to 50,000 years. So, those vibrations make it very benevolent and have a strong influence on the system.

Similarly, you may have noticed in your own life that in some places you get jittery and angry. What has happened? In that space, there have been people who were angry or agitated. So, when you move into that space, it affects your whole behavior, emotions, and thoughts. In other words, it affects your Chit Akasha.

How do we transcend the Chit Akasha?

Moving from Chit Akasha to Chid Akasha

In the mental or ethereal space (Chit Akasha), thoughts and emotions hover around like clouds moving in the sky. When clouds move in the sky, does the sky get colored by them? Is the sky affected by them? No. The clouds come, they move, and they go. In the same way, emotions come and go; thoughts come and go. But when you identify yourself with any one of these emotions, you get stuck. That is when it infiltrates your body and you get sick.

So, what is the way? How to move on from that?

On a cloudy day, when a flight takes off, what does it do? It goes above the clouds, and then there is sunshine. That is what spiritual practices like meditation and Sudarshan Kriya can do. They move us away from the Chit Akasha to the Chid Akasha. 

Chid Akasha – Your true nature

Chid Akasha, the causal space is your true nature, pure, unblemished, unattached, and which doesn’t change at all. In India, especially in Tamil Nadu, they use the term ‘Chidambaram Shiva’. This refers to the space of Chid Akasha.  Chidambaram Shiva is the same as Guru Tattva, or Shiva Tattva, or the Self. When you transcend the mind, all the thoughts move away. Emotions get settled and you experience the most tranquil, most benevolent, and most beautiful inner space.