Whether you fail in any exam or not, do not ever fail in the exam of life. Human life is precious! Life is a mixture of everything- failure and success complement each other. If you fail, then you know the value of success. It is a stepping stone.

In exams, some may get excellent results, and others may not. It is natural to feel bad when one fails. There is tension, fear and worry about the future. There is no control over the fruit of action; since childhood, we have been friends with the taste of failure, from learning to walk as a baby to handling mathematics formulas as teenagers. Despite all the difficulties, we have still managed to come forward in life. You fail but you are still enjoying the game.

In the same way, some failures come in life, so what? Never mind because there is something deep within you that can never fail. Look back and reflect on the many times you have failed. Don’t you now feel that those failures were good for you? When you look back at your failures, you will see that you have learnt something from them, and they have been stepping stones for you to move ahead. But why we fail is still a question for many.


‘OK, I am going to fail. So what? I still want to do it.’ It’s like a game you play; whether you win or lose, you play the game. Correct? If you are playing soccer, you just play; no matter if you win or lose, you just play. In the same way, don’t be afraid of failure. If you fail, never mind, still do it. OK? You need to take some risks in life.

Increase your sattva

There is one proverb in India, “A task gets accomplished with the Sattva, and not with the material”. So, to get something done, the Sattogun should rise. And what does one do to increase Sattogun? With the right food, right conduct, and relaxing your mind for some time. Sattogun can also be increased by incorporating daily meditation into your life. To learn to meditate on your own, you can choose the easiest form of meditating on your own which is Sahaj Samadhi Dhyaan Yoga. Sahaj Samadhi Yoga is a mantra-based meditation, in which a personal mantra is given to you which takes you to a deeper meditative state. It is proven that Sahaj Samadhi Dhyan Yoga has helped to cure depression and heart health. 

Spirituality helps deal with negative tendencies. Without it, the ability to reason is lost & respect for life is also lost as a result.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Get rid of your weakness

To eliminate any weakness, enhance your ability, and go into the depth of knowledge of the field in which you wish to move ahead. When faced with difficult times, invoke the valour in you and tackle the challenge with confidence.

Look for the reason for failure

Every failure is a step towards success. Each failure is a step towards success, so analyse what have you learned from this. Did you flow with the emotions? You did not consult those who are already in that profession? You didn’t trust them, or you didn’t keep faithful people with you. All these reasons could be there.

Amend the system or arrangements

Now, this is not in the hands of a single person. Like if corruption is to be checked, can you fight alone? Be with the group. Awaken that intelligence in people for that. Get people to move ahead with you. “Sanghe Shakti Kaliyuge”  In kalyuga, the power is in the team. People say that it is the peak of Kalyuga, and it is as if truth has taken a backseat. If you feel like that, then work in a team. Take some people along and then see if the task gets accomplished or not. To enhance your capability, you must do something to go within yourself. Be in the world to get more people along, and be with yourself to gain abilities. Taking along both fields, you will be successful in your tasks. If you have given all your trials, put in your 100 per cent and if, even then, you didn’t get success, then it is OK. Take some other work in your hands. But don’t run away if you face failure for the first or second time.


Failure is a part of the process. Meditation will help you to go ahead despite failures. Innovation without failure is possible if you can use your intuition perfectly. Both should act perfectly to achieve zero failure in innovation. If intuition is not in proportion then failure occurs more often. To increase your sattogun and intuition power you may look out for happiness programs by the Art of Living at the nearest centre.

Have faith that you are supported by nature. And you will succeed

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar