Know Your Child - Testimonials & Certificate of Appreciation (Letters from schools and companies are attached below)


Cute Poem - A tribute to the KYC TTC/FTC workshop....


Simply Know Your Child


Child is the father of man
Manage the child we can.

Be Firm, fun & Fair
Just To Prove You care.
Manage the child we can.

Treat the root cause
Let Nobody be the boss
Neither Child Nor You
Simply be a friendly, sharing, caring You.
Manage the Child we can.

They take responsibility
You give time quality

They expend energy
Is your simple strategy
Manage the child we can.

Think like a child
To teach the child
To reach a child
Manage! No Need
For a loving family YOU sow the seed.



Alka Mehta (Singapore)





Knowing the child is an art
It is knowing the child's heart
It is not about discipline and admonishment
As no child ever enjoys punishment
It is diving deep into knowing the innocence
It is understanding the child through sixth sense
Attending this workshop I have come to gain
That my best option is to become child again!

Love and Jai Guru Dev!
Prasad (San Francisco, US)



My happiness

 हुआ उजाला है

जीवन में मेरे,

 फैला प्रकाश

घर-आँगन में मेरे,


रहता है स्मित सदा

नयनों में मेरे,

 हटती नहीं मुस्कान सदा

होठों से मेरे,


पाया है प्यार असीम

दिल ने मेरे,

मिला है सतचित आनंद

मन को मेरे,


हर पल रहती है यही आश

मन में मेरे,

करूं उजाला औरों के भी

जीवन, मन में,


हुई धन्य मैं ,

ओ गुरूजी मेरे,

जब से आये हो तुम

जीवन में मेरे,


कब से नहीं 

लिखी थी कविता

इस पागल

मन ने मेरे

बना दिया है आज

कवी फिर से

KYC  टीचर ने मेरे ,


करती हूँ आभार

मुरली जी का

सच्चे मन से मेरे.


Parul (Singapore)  




Know Your Child: Certificate of Appreciation from Daan District office, Taipei City 

Workshop was interactive and practical. It was very useful.

                                                              - Mr. Abdul Waheed Khan (Asst. Director General, UNESCO)


When I heard of the Know Your Child Workshop, I was not expecting to learn new comprehensive material. Yet, I was completely blown away by the content of the course, as well as its teacher, who skillfully listened to parent’s concerns, and addresses each and every issue head on – with clarity, levity, and grace. Once I introduced my new” tools” back home to my girls, age 2 and 5, the house has been filled with more harmony, less headaches, and more fun!

                                                                                                  – Julia Tang. M ed, Harvard University


The workshop lecture will be very useful for the parents and implementation will play a very significant role in improving the maladaptive behavior and habits. The workshop is outstanding.

                                                     - Dr. Dindayal (Director, Psychology Association of Gurgoan, India)


Overall good course! Completely addresses the issues faced by parents in the present competitive (modern) world!
Liked it fullest! Just happened at the right time for us!
                                                                                                                                - Sashumenant Suthan


1. Excellent content & delivery
2. To the point and extremely relevant 
3. Practical approach that we can easily implement 
4. Eye opening

Thanks very much for the workshop, we really liked it and are surely going to benefit from it.

                                                                                                                  - Kanika Tayla & Pawan Tayla

It was a nice and knowledgeable session. It was interesting and educative. Fun loving.
                                                                                                                                                        - Neeta 

Wonderful, thoughtful workshop. I will certainly work on the ideas, implement them & learn with my child.

                                                                                                                                        - Naresh Agarwal

A very fruitful experience without any dull moment.
I liked the interactive aspect and also the meditation to remind us that we parents need to remain at peace before we start to handle our children.
Please have these workshops more often.
                                                                                                                                      - Dr. Neeru Kapur