Meditation Experiences: Expressing the Inexplicable

Meditation – an experience that can be extremely difficult to speak about or pen down. It is only meant to be experienced, with each new experience different from the previous one. Yet, we make a small attempt here to present in different ways the meditation experiences of a few people.

#1: Success Redefined

For her, being successful meant name, fame and wealth. And she surely had it all. But one experience changed the meaning of the word 'success' for her.

Sarah Nayda – a young, beautiful and successful entrepreneur from Sydney. Her life was rather comfortable, as she enjoyed the best of riches available. At the age of 21, she was awarded the ‘youngest woman entrepreneur of the year’ award. And suddenly, life seemed complete – she was famous, prosperous and in high spirits.

In honor of his daughter’s achievement, Sarah’s father threw a huge party. It was here that she happened to meet an old school friend, Emma, who she hadn’t seen in ages. The petite, shy girl in high school had turned into a young, pretty lady, Sarah noticed. And the glow in Emma’s eyes couldn’t be missed. There was a strange radiance on her face and in her whole personality.

The two friends met and talked about old days and new. During the chat, Sarah discovered the secret to Emma’s changed persona – she meditated daily. Emma urged her friend to learn the technique too, but stating the typical excuse of ‘no time’, Sarah moved on to meet other guests.

A few days later, a group of people from a meditation school approached Sarah. They wanted to conduct a meditation course in her company for all the employees. Sarah was again reminded of her friend Emma, who had also spoken well about the practice. Sarah agreed and also decided to join the classes herself in order to motivate her employees to do the same.

After a week-long course, Sarah had absolutely no regrets. She thoroughly enjoyed every session, her body was relaxed, mind refreshed, she was able to do much more work in less time (since she took time out from her schedule to attend classes). Most importantly, she got her smile back, the same unfading smile that she had seen on Emma’s lips. For the first time, she understood that this was what being successful meant – to have an undying smile in all odds.

(Based on an experience shared by Sarah Nayda from Sydney. There has been no looking back for Sarah since the course. A few years later, she learnt Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Course and is now a daily meditation practitioner).

#2: A leaf from Mahi’s diary

October 25, 2012
New Delhi
11.05 p.m.

Dear diary,

Just before I hit the bed, a quick update on today. As you already know by now, I meditate twice daily and everyday is a fresh experience. But somehow, today’s was extraordinary. As I got up from the mat after my morning meditation, I felt a broad smile on my face. The sun had just risen and its soft yellow rays touched me through the window. For the first time, I noticed how beautiful mornings are. As I got ready to start the day, I could see things happening faster than usual. I couldn’t believe my energy! I went to work and was focused like never before. My attitude towards all (including that irritating Sanjana who I’m usually not so fond of) was loving and pleasant. I think meditation’s really working for me!

(Based on an experience shared by Mahi Bhautani from New Delhi. Mahi works with a law firm and is a daily Sahaj practitioner).

#3: Meditation, a rescue

My beloved had left me, tears running down,
Sat by a window, deep I drowned.
For a period of time, I had my eyes closed,
Sitting with a straight back, I was posed.
It was my soul that urged for the love,
From within it came like a pure white dove.
Opened my eyes, fulfilled I was,
Ready to move on after this pause.

(Shared by Plakor Kovacevic from Croatia. Plakor is a Sri Sri Yoga teacher and a regular meditator).

#4: Play with Words, Understand Meditation



#5: Digging a hidden experience

Unscramble the following phrases. See if you can put all three together and find the hidden meditation experience.

  • 1.My/improved/daily/concentration/meditation
  • 2.Completely/my/I/practice/owe/Ph.D/to/meditation/my
  • 3.Achieve/my/most/milestone/was/me/it/weapon/this/strongest/that/important/helped

(Experience shared by Dr. Anu Palash from Bangalore. Anu never misses her Sahaj meditation, which for her is like brushing teeth twice a day).

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

By Pritika Nair

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