Why Meditate: 11 Benefits
of Meditation

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar | Posted: March 14, 2018

Everyone talks about meditation, but why do it? What are the benefits of meditation? Below is a list of some of the ways that meditation can add value to your life:

1. Improves Communication Skills

Meditation frees you from within, which allows you to shed the inhibitions and barriers that prevent effective communication. Finding peace within yourself gives you the confidence necessary to master communication.

“When the river is calm, the reflection is clearer. When the mind is calm, there is greater clarity in the field of expression. Our sense of observation, perception, and expression improve. As a result, we are able to communicate effectively and clearly,” says Bhanumathi Narasimhan, Teacher, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation.


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2. Clarity of Mind

Do you sometimes find yourself wavering between different options, feeling confused and indecisive? Meditation provides a mind without agitation, a mind that is calm and crystal clear.

Meditating allows you to see what’s important. When you understand what’s valuable, you are more likely to see and make the best decision.

3. Nurtures Creativity

Creativity surfaces when you meditate. Creativity is the core of our personality as individuals, but sometimes it’s suppressed or hidden.

As your mind calms down, creativity can calmly and confidently surface. When we clear the turbulent or cloudy water from our minds, we can see down to the bottom. Inside all of us is a well of creative resources and possibilities.

4. Refreshment of Mind

Most hard working adults wait for months to go on a vacation, but meditation gives you an opportunity to go on a vacation within yourself everyda

The practice rejuvenates you until you feel fresh and relaxed. Because you know the results, you take the time to close the doors of your daily chatter and spend a few minutes with yourself.

After a peaceful meditation session, you’ll feel energized and ready to calmly take on whatever challenges come your way.

5. Natural Process of Renewal

A snake sheds its skin and moves on with brand new skin. If cats or dogs have water on themselves, they shake it off. The caterpillar, a worm-like creature, forms a cocoon around itself and emerges as a whole new animal, a glorious, colorful butterfly!

However, we tend to carry our emotional baggage for years. Meditation helps us to shed our old attachments, feel renewed and rejuvenated, and move forward. With regular practice, it will begin to feel normal to only carry around what’s necessary. Use meditation to free yourself from within.

6. Spreads Happiness & Peace

Our mind has the ability to affect our surroundings. Only a peaceful and happy person can spread happiness.

Meditation creates ripples of happiness and peace within you, which then spread out in multiple waves all around the world. A better you makes the vibrations, energy, and people around you better.

7. Develops a Pleasant Personality

Think about who you like to be with and why you choose them as companions. Are the ones you love happy and joyful, or sad and depressed? Contented, cheerful, and upbeat, right?

Similarly, when we ourselves are happy, our personality reflects that, and others look to us for good company. These interactions are another area of life where meditation helps. Practice with the intention of becoming the best version of yourself, which will attract other positive-thinking friends to you like a magnet.

8. Gives You an Unshakable Smile

Meditation brings you to a state of being where nothing can rob you of the smile in your heart.

By resting and releasing all the toxins and negative emotions stored, each cell becomes so alive that our smiles are unshakable in the face of any event that happens to involve us.

9. Makes You a Master of Time

While happy times fly, don’t sad times seem to drag on? Only in meditation do we transcend time and add hours to our day. We begin do things more efficiently than we normally did before, which frees up time for leisure and personal interests.

Rather than looking at meditation as a waste of time, think of it as a tune-up. You often clear useless files and data from your computer by emptying your recycling bin, right? And once our circuits shed the excess weight, they run faster, right? The mind is no different.

10. Gives You a Glimpse of Infinity

Every cell in our body has the ability to hold infinity. However, limiting concepts in our minds impede us from perceiving our infinite potential.

When we culture and purify our consciousness through the process of meditation, we take a dip in the ocean of spiritual bliss and experience deep rest. In other words, we can easily tap into a timeless energy that surrounds us, resulting in a strong feeling of calm and assurance.

11. Heals and Harmonizes

Through regular practice of meditation, healing can happen. When the mind is calm, alert, and totally contented, it works like an efficient tool that helps our bodies perform better, which allows us to heal faster.

We must nurture our minds to have healthy bodies. Our minds are the engines that drive our reality, our existence. Meditate to not only be alive but to feel alive!

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