Apna Ghar, Kashmir School

Just information is not education. It is our ability to perceive things better. It is culturing our behaviour and attitude. Perception, observation and expression- The Three aspects of education have to be improved. –Param Poojya Sri Sri Ravishankar ji

This vision took a form that has transformed lives of thousands of children, who had never ever thought of being able to attend a school - a dream come true for over 13,000 children all over India, taking benefit through over 115 free schools being run by the Art of Living. Apna Gharis one such place; it is an abode and a temple of knowledge to over 100 children in Kashmir.

Apna Ghar was started six years ago after the Kashmir earthquake in 2005 which left many without shelter. These children went through a lot of trauma after losing their friends and family. Sri Sri says, “Children are friendly by nature. If they are unfriendly, it is because of stress. Educating children should be holistic, not just a process of stuffing their heads with information.” To offer these offspring’s with value based education, food and shelter this school was established.

The school provides uniforms, books, writing material, meals and holistic education that is required for them not only to be literate, but also to become a complete human being. The children here meditate to levitate on all runs of life.

Apna Ghar is not only a cover to the ones who suffered due to the earthquake, but also to the children of the Kashmiri militants, who died in gun fights and encounters. Shama Sondhi, Director Apna Ghar shared, “These children were scared and depressed, and they would not talk to anyone, now they are blossoming. You should see their confidence now.”

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