Things to give up in 2022

It’s time to begin the countdown to welcome another brand new year. Take a PAUSE and think of these things you would want to give up in 2022. Fuel your mind, change gears and kick-start your new year with these pointers:

1. Upgrade your willpower like you upgrade all your digital gadgets. Are you waiting to give up your puffs and alcohol? Hit the gym with greater regularity? Just commit yourself to it.  

2. No procrastination. Do you love postponing your to-do-lists just to achieve perfection? Are you waiting for that right hour on the right day, to either begin your task or make your submissions or learn that new instrument? If your answer to the above questions is “YES”, put a full-stop to this habit right NOW.

3. Kick off any sense of lethargy - be it for social commitments or for your growth. Practice this and see your confidence oozing.


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4. Do not let toxins remain unattended in your body. Help your body flush them out. Consume more liters of H2O, do a little fasting and give your body a break. It’s the most sophisticated machine you’ve got.

5. Give up your overindulgence on social media. Reduce your time being online. Instead, start do kinetic - make something with your hands. You will find it more relaxing and therapeutic.

6. Take pride in yourself. Stop saying no time to dress-up in the morning. Show up every day with elan. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mum, freelancer or a pursuing a full job. You will find a huge difference in your energy and attitude.

7. In your packed day, try and make time for meditation every day. This “me-time” with yourself is one thing you ought to do. The benefits of a regular mindfulness routine are too many to count. Don’t miss out.  

8. Reduce your late nights. Make your bed and retire for the day before the next day begins. Be kind to your body.

9. It is not a great idea to invest your energies on meaningless, supremely long conversations. Follow the “KISS” principle – keep it short and sweet. Give up gossip or wait before you express everything that comes to your mind. You will find this habit surprisingly freeing!


10. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Whether it is a workout at the gym, some Surya namaskara, a fast-paced walk, jog...anything you like. Move every inch of your body.

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11. Give up the elevator and use the stairs. Only if you are carrying heavy luggage, excuse yourself to use the lift. Else be it at the metro station or your office lobby or your apartment or your favorite fine dining restaurant, go climb up.

12. Watch your words, and how you use them. Our words have the potential to cement bonds and break people down. Be aware - they add to your vibrations and affect your energies.

13. JUNK is another four-letter so is FOOD. Put them together and remind yourself to reduce your intake of junk food to once a week. You will do yourself some good. Go for mouthwatering alternatives prepared in the right manner with the right ingredients.

14. Be prudent in your expenses. Enjoy whatever you have been given by God’s grace. Yet, be mindful of your expenses, and remember: a penny saved is a penny earned.

15. How about giving up being messy, untidy and choosing to be organized? You may feel it doesn't matter if the floor is not mopped every day or if your workstation is not dusted daily. It does. Live in clean surroundings. You will attract positive energies. You will feel light and your mind will be de-cluttered.

16. Let go of painful memories, associated with events, people or even yourself. Even if it means giving away some things of sentimental value to you but don’t serve a purpose in your present life.

17. Travel a bit or a lot. Depending on whatever suits your schedule, pocket and energy levels. Experience a different aspect of the world you’re living in and increase the circumference of understanding.

18. Save whatever you can. Whether it is electricity, water, food, paper. Everything saved can be pumped up into use for others who need it. Become the most environmentally conscious person you know.  

19. Is your mind judgemental or filled with preconceived notions and concepts? If so, give them up all. Give life a chance to happen. It may just surprise you!

All the best on your 2021 journey. Ensure that the first of January does not fly by without implementing what you want to give up.

All of this is easy when you are focused and have strong willpower. Often stress and demands can shake even the best of intentions. Don’t wait for that to happen. Commit yourself to a regular, self-building practice that will amplify your efforts.

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