The enchanting story
of Meera Bai

13th of Sep 2019

‘Meera - The Musical’, a play to stage the life of saint Meera Bai will be performed in the Capital by 183 artists at Siri Fort Auditorium, today.

A great lover, saint and poet, Meera Bai is still a mystery for many. She is known for her deep devotion for Lord Krishna and has written many compositions for him. Presenting the journey of Meera’s devotion and courage, a musical saga will be staged in the Capital today. The play will also present various aspects of Meera Bai’s personality. Other than a devotee, she was the face of courage, conviction and persistence.

The 90-minute musical play that travels to various locations, will have 183 artists. “Except the main artists, the side performers differ in every city. We practice through video conference to be in a sync and it works well every time,” says Srividya Varchaswi, the director and one of the lead actors of the play. There are four artists to portray the life of Meera. The journey will start from her childhood days and showcase her devotion till the last years of her life.

“The first Meera will be a child, second is an adult, third one is a bride and the fourth one will show the later and largest part of her life. I will be portraying the fourth Meera and to be in the character, I empty myself. I make myself hollow and fill in myself with devotion and overwhelming love for Krishna. When I on the stage, my mind is empty but my heart is full of bliss,” says Varchaswi who is based in Bangalore.

The sound tracks of the play are in Hindi while the dialogues are in English. One would hear the lesser known songs of Krishna and Meera during the play. The purpose being to highlight the rare compositions of Meera.

The aim of this event is to promote education among underprivileged kids, the event is open for all. “The proceeds from the production will go towards supporting the education of over 70,000 students studying in 700+ free schools run in tribal and rural areas of India under the Gift a Smile project, where 90% of the children are first generation learners,” says Rashmi Paliwal, organiser of the event.


Courtesy: Hindustan Times