Our Empowerment Model

We Transform People

Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP)

India has the largest youth population in the world. Nearly 40% of the Indian population is youth (as defined in the National Youth Policy). Our Youth Leadership Training Program makes them role models. Our practical training sessions transform young men and women in villages and tribal communities into socially and economically self-reliant people with the confidence, energy and enthusiasm to create change. We do this by reviving their human values, invigorating their mental capacity, enhancing their physical health, developing their vocational skills and sensitizing them to the sustainable management of natural resources.

Our youth are our future. By supporting Art of Living Projects, you invest in India’s future.

Our Accomplishments (YLTP India):

    • Trained over 110,000 rural youth
    • Carried out more than 40,000 development projects in villages
    • Planted over 2.3 million trees
    • Built more than 1800 homes, 5400 toilets, 1100 bore-wells and 900 bio-gas plants
    • Conducted more than 48,000 hygiene camps and 23,000 medical camps benefiting over 2.5 million people
    • Developing 55 model villages