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It is similar to a diving board – preparing the body for purification, so that it may be ready to receive higher techniques of meditation. The word "Hatha" comes from "Ha" which means Sun, and "Tha" which means Moon. Hatha Yoga blends energizing and dynamic yoga postures (represented by the sun) with relaxing and meditative yoga postures (represented by the moon). By combining both types of postures, the body receives the maximum benefit.

Our body is made up of a highly intricate energy system. To experience good health and wellness, the energy flow should be in balance. Too little energy (Tamas) can result in a dull and lethargic mind, and a heavy and inert body. Excess energy (Rajas) results in an angry and irritable mind, and a restless body. When the energy is in balance, health and vitality is experienced and this constitutes the goal of Hatha Yoga. This state of perfect balance of energy in the system is called Satva, and is expressed by a relaxed, alert mind, and a light and energetic body.

Hatha Yoga offers a balanced and well-rounded sequence of Yoga Postures. For example, the Sri Sri Yoga sequence of postures intertwines active and passive postures so that the energy in the body is guided to the perfect place of equilibrium. Here, the emphasis is on practicing asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing techniques) with strong (hatha also means ‘strong’) determination.

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