Agama Graduates Share

Arun kumar, Tamil Nadu

Arun kumarEvery puja follows certain specific protocols. The ones who perform the Homas are called Acharyas and the ones who chant are called Sadhakas. I have been a sadhaka in the Gurukul since 2002 and have participated in 10 Navratri celebrations. This Navratri, I have been given the additional responsibility of coordinating: inviting the shivacharayas and preparing for the pujas.

My family tradition is rooted in agama and choose to come to Sri Sri Gurukul over other patshalas (schools) because the training here is a perfect blend of sadhana (spiritual practice) and knowledge (practical knowledge). I believe both yoga shastra (science of yoga, meditation) and mantra shastra (science of mantra chanting) are interconnected.

Yogesh, Tamil Nadu

yogeshAt home my father has a Ganesha temple and my family follows agama tradition. In 2003 I completed my training at Sri Sri Gurukul and now I perform pujas at the ganesha temple at home. Every minute in Navratri is bliss. Attending navratri and being a sadhaka in the presence of Guruji is a privilege for me. Sri Sri Gurukul has given me a lot of experience in vedic knowledge. I have always been very eager to know about divine knowledge and agama (knowledge on building temples and performing puja) so I chose this path which is so different from what youngsters select these days.