The Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace

The Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace offers Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises a structured intervention to eliminate stress, enhance inspirational levels and arrive at an overall work life balance of its employees.


The program attends to the individual and his personal growth. It has in built processes that increases team bonding resulting in better teamwork; it also has reconnect programs that will keep the group energy intact. An empowered and inspired individual will help build a successful company.

The practice of the techniques of the Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace effectively regulates the mind and eliminates stress and impurities from the system.

Learn more about Sudarshan Kriya and research on the same.

Feedback From Corporate India

"I have learnt the key to success" - Puneet Gupta, Punj Lloyd.

This program was amazing as all participants felt it was powerful, detoxifying, stress-relieving & energizing.

- Sanjay Kumar, Service Planning Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

“The program was a good mix of interactive sessions relevant to our goals” - Dr. Janakiraman Ramchandran, Chairman, Ganga Gen Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd.

Programs Offered:

Program Name

Program Details

I Excel. I Lead - Infusing Excellence through Inspirational Leadership

Target Audience:
Business Leaders, Entreprenurs, Senior Management professionals
Duration: 18 Hours

Focus Areas:

  • Tenets on Inspirational Leadership
  • Coping with uncertainty
  • Teamwork & effective communication
  • Tackling attrition & absenteeism
  • Fostering Creativity and Innovation
  • Sudarshan Kriya

Excellence at Workplace for Managers & Office Staff - Advancing Individual, Team & Company Excellence

Target Audience: Middle Management & Office Staff
Duration: 14 Hours

Focus Areas:

  • Tenets to excel in the workplace and in life
  • Developing attitudes for success and fulfillment
  • Insight into the laws that govern the mind and emotions
  • Principles of effective team work
  • Tips to manage the up line & down line
  • Mechanics of listening and questioning
  • Sudarshan Kriya

Excellence at Workplace for Workers - Augmenting awareness & responsibility for change

Target Audience: Unskilled & Semi skilled workforce
Duration: 12 Hours

Focus Areas:
  • How to Improve health and well being
  • How to remove dependency on substances and addictions
  • How to Increase responsibility and enthusiasm
  • Sudarshan Kriya, Yoga, Pranayam

Health for Excellence at Workplace

Target Audience: All
Duration: 8 - 10 Hours

Focus Areas:
  • A beautiful blend of stretches, postures, breathing techniques, meditation and wisdom
  • Holistic approach to attend to the body, mind and spirit


Vidya Menon
National Coordinator,
The Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace,
Vyakti Vikas Kendra, India, 21st Km, Kanakapura Road,
Udayapura, Bangalore: 560 082.

Email: | Mob: +91 9008223669

Website: Excellence at Workplace





"Only when the mind is focused and relaxed at the same time, can one achieve excellence" – Sri Sri

Excellence at Workplace