Bharath Gyan

About Bharath Gyan

Bharath Gyan is a research organization that endeavors to bring forth knowledge from the ancient times. With a special focus on Indian heritage, Bharath Gyan is dedicated towards understanding the history of the Indian civilization and its ties with other civilizations across the world.

The teachings of the Indian civilization is available in myriad forms- books, manuscripts, oral recitations amongst scholars, various art forms, customs and traditions of the land.

Bharath Gyan helps facilitate meaningful interaction between tradition scholars (rich in the above knowledge) and modern scientists, with access to the latest tools and methodologies in order to make this knowledge relevant to the current generation. The interpretation of ancient knowledge provides remarkable insights to prevalent scientific and social advancements in India.

Bharath Gyan strives to offer credible evidences that establish India as a land rich in science and knowledge along with culture and spirituality.

The Art of Living and Bharath Gyan have formed an alliance to establish the Indian ethos among the youth of the country and instill pride in our heritage.



Since time immemorial Indian thought and practices have commemorated certain days and festivals as ways and means for people to understand, remember and reunite with the Universe and the scientific divinities of the Universe.

The purana Kumbh is a festival held once in 12 years and is the largest congregation of mankind in the world. The book gives us some legendary Asian stories, facts and practices around this festival.


Brahma means Created Universe which emerged from the Big Bang and also keeps evolving continuously. The confusion about who is Brahma, Padmanabha and Narayana and their roles are all clearly explained in this book.
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The Manifestation Process

The process of manifestation of matter and the Universe has been termed in the texts as "Panchikaranam." The book explains the creation of the Universe an interplay between minute and subtle forces.
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The Puranic Narration of Creation

In the Indian pantheon, on the top are the Trinity; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva playing their roles of Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution. The Puranic texts of ancient India have explained these Vedic concepts through interesting legendry stories, and those are present in this book.
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The Vedic Narration of Creation

Ancient Indian texts talk not only about what happened during creation but also about what happened before Creation. This book starts with some profound questions about the Creator, creation and the process. It starts explaining the origin of the Universe from the seed of the idea to the process and the power, energy and forces involved. This knowledge can be of use to answer the unending and unresolved questions of man in this regard.
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