Government Executive Program

Governance in India is witnessing a paradigm shift. Most organizations today are under immense pressure to deliver their objectives, while the human resource and the environment is not always matching up. We believe change begins with the individual. A public servant today faces pressures from many quarters which pose a challenge to his/her efficiency and effectiveness in discharge of duties. There are pressures not only at work, but also in one's family and social lives. These impact an individual's health, efficiency, and morale. Often one feels the need to learn some skills and tools to handle such pressures and lead a more effective and meaningful life. These pressures also add up and impact an organization's performance. The Art of Living acts as a facilitator to the willing organizations in building a positive work environment and bringing a mindset change.

Government Executive Program (GEP) is Art of Living's flagship offering for the Indian Government organizations - Central Government, State Governments, Subordinate Departments, Autonomous Bodies, Public Sector Undertakings, Armed Forces / Police Forces, and Training Institutes.

The GEP has been designed specifically keeping in the mind the needs of Public Servants and daily challenges faced by them. The program makes an impact at many levels - to the individual at a personal level, to the immediate working environment, and to the organization as a whole. The Training Program incorporates practical, simple and effective methods which draw upon ancient timeless wisdom and have received wide acclaim. The appeal of the Training Programs cuts across all barriers of religion, caste, creed or socio-economic status.

So far hundreds of Government Departments, both at Center and in various States, have extended the benefit of the Program to their officers and staff, including Department of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Home Affairs, External Affairs, Finance, Defence, Railways, Civil Aviation, Youth Affairs, Mines, Power, Road and others. Many Training Institutes, PSUs, Police Forces, Paramilitary Forces, Army, independent bodies like CVC, CEC etc, Parliamentary and Assembly Secretariats, and many more organizations have also reaped its benefits.

Our internal feedback mechanism reports that more than 90% participants feel more energetic, free from stress and achieve greater mental focus and clarity. The impact on working environment is evident from the fact that more than 90% participants report higher preparedness to take new challenges and improved efficiency and interpersonal relationships. A significant 80% feel that the program creates a positive work environment, is likely to lead to more ethical behavior and contributes to organizational growth.

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