21 spiritual adventures you should have before you turn 30

By the time you are 30, you have most likely experienced at least one terrible heartbreak, one bad boss, one frustrating job, or a combination. In short, enough misery to make the wise one seek solace in spirituality. In all likelihood, spiritual practices and experiences would have helped you overcome the bad times of your 20s.

The memory of a spiritual experience is always special, stirring wisdom and moments of bliss whenever you remember it. Before you start the second decade of adulthood and begin your 30s, it is a good idea to create a memory bank of these incredible moments. These can be your personal sources of peace, strength, and happiness.

Here is a list of 21 spiritual adventures that you must embark before you turn 30.

  1. Practice authentic Yoga

Yoga means the union of mind, body, and spirit. The inner stillness and strength that comes with the experience of this union are precious to a spiritual seeker. Practice Yoga, dwell deeper into the subject, and become a trained Yoga instructor as you grow into the practice.

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  1. Meditate every day for 30 days 

Meditation has cognitive and health benefits like reducing stress and improving concentration and memory. But do you also know that meditating daily opens your mind and heart to profound spiritual experiences? Try meditating every day for 30 days and then gradually extend the practice to a longer period.


  1. A nature walk without your phone

This is an easy one. It takes minimum commitment in terms of money (none needed), time and effort. Nature walks can be transcendental as you relish every moment, creature, and scenery on your path. Just switch off your phone while you walk and text your mom/partner/roommate before you begin.


  1. Stop your dependence on substances

Substances may give short-term experiences, but they limit your ability to go on your own independent spiritual adventures. This is because they affect your nervous system. Here is what Gurudev has to say about substance use for spiritual experiences.


  1. Experience Sudarshan Kriya

Stress and negativity don’t allow you to be at peace and connect with your spiritual nature.

The Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique helps release your deep-rooted stress and gets you into a blissful and thoughtless state. This breathing technique is highly recommended for those who can’t meditate on their own.

  1. Sing at a Satsang

Satsang comprises the words: sat (i.e. truth) and sang (i.e. being in the company); Satsang means being in the company of truth. Usually, everyone sings songs dedicated to the Divine at a Satsang. These songs or bhajans lead you into meditation and bliss, especially if you attend a Satsang at any of The Art of Living centers. 


  1. Merge into a flowing river without stepping into it

Prakrutilaya or submerging your mind in Nature,’ says Rishi Patanjali in Patanjali Yogasutras, as a way to attain samadhi. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his commentary on the text describes the way further, “When you observe water in a lake and the waves in the water, that's all that stands. No thoughts, no mind, no body, no awareness. That is Prakrutilaya.” 

  1. Accept people the way they are

Throughout your 20s, you come across a diversity of people, some of whom can create havoc in your mind. The road to inner peace at these times is acceptance. “When you accept others the way they are, you can learn to let go. Because, at the end of the day, I am responsible for my own behavior and not for others,” says 29-year-old Anvesha Gunjan, Marketing Manager.


  1. Soak in silence

The world takes too much of your energy. Even when chilling on Netflix, your eyes and mind are getting tired. A speech ‘fast’, aka silence, is ambrosia to this always-engaged-and-busy existence. When you give rest to your tongue and other sense organs, you access the reserves of your inner energy. 


  1. Be on a food fast

Across religions and communities, fasting during special festivals is considered auspicious and spiritually uplifting as the practice is not only good for the body but also a sweet experience for the soul. The practice will make your spiritual experience more profound.


  1. Experience higher states of consciousness with a book

“I am spellbound with Ashtavakra Gita; my consciousness was on another plane when I first read its commentary,” says 30-year-old Ana Carolina, a Project Manager from Argentina. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s discourse on the Ashtavakra Gita is one book that drives you to higher states of consciousness and pokes you to question what is real and brings a significant difference to your mental space and beyond.

“Science of spirituality: The mind is more subtle than one-millionth of an atom. When the mind explodes, enlightenment happens.” - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 


  1. Accept yourself 

The biggest spiritual breakthrough you can have is to accept who you are and where you are in life. A great sense of peace then prevails. “A few years ago, I was struggling with intense emotional pain and physical illness; I wanted an answer to why I was suffering. But when I accepted who I am -  my sensitivity and pains, a major shift happened. I could finally surrender my cloud of doubts and thoughts. Meditation just happened. From then on, I started caring for myself better and found true self-love,” shares Deepti Thapa, a Yoga & Meditation Instructor.


  1. Forgive

Ok, be honest. Do you still hold a grudge against your ex? Or that aunt who loves to taunt you for your life choices? Holding onto a grudge embitters your spirit and takes away your happiness. So, make sure you forgive every enemy and unpleasant person. Gurudev says, “If you are wise, you’d say, 'I am tired of this grudgeful feeling'. The moment the grudge falls, you have already forgiven.”


  1. Live with less

There is a reason why aparigraha (non-accumulation) is considered a spiritual practice. When you live with less, your mind and life get decluttered. A decluttered mind makes room for spiritual experiences. And you also end up saving time and money and attending to your true priorities. Practicing minimalist living for at least a year can bring a life-changing and life-giving realization to your life.


  1. Do Seva

Seva is something that we do for others without expecting anything in return. When you do Seva, the Divine streams through you. Seva opens you up. Apecshya Parajulee, a 30-year-old content writer from Nepal, shares her volunteering experience, “I had once organized a football tournament for girls from slums in my area. I never wanted anything back from the tournament: any mention in my resume or recognition of any kind. And this was the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever had. Looking at those girls in their football uniforms on the field filled me with so much pride and gratitude that I never looked back.”

  1. Probe deeper into your life questions

What is the purpose of life? What is freedom? How to overcome anger? If you’ve any of these questions, don’t ignore them anymore. Take some time to probe them further. Find clues to these questions in books by Gurudev, or ask your questions here

  1. Pull a spiritual night over

There is a way to raise your energy by staying awake an entire night on Mahashivratri. Fasting, singing, Vedic Puja , meditating and remembering the Divine - all together create impeccable energy. I have personally experienced amazing energy levels during Mahashivratri celebrations at The Art of Living Bengaluru ashram.


  1. Visit diverse places of worship

The core of every religion is spirituality. You can experience a glimpse of that at different places of worship.  The way of praying could be different for everyone, but the feeling of devotion is the same everywhere.

  1. Visit a cremation ground

In the humdrum of life, we forget that our time here is limited. That there is no point in living anywhere except in the present moment. When you visit a cremation ground, you become aware of death and experience a shift in your consciousness.


  1. Learn to be happy for others

How do you respond to others’ success and happiness in your head? With jealousy or happiness? In your 20s, many around you achieve important milestones before you and may get things that you wanted. In such moments, if you can learn to be truly happy for them, then that is quite a milestone in your spiritual progress. In practical terms, happiness for others paves the way for your own happiness, while jealousy only pulls down your energy.


  1. Become aware of where you spend your energy

Are you spending most of your energy and thoughts on doubting yourself and others, reeling in the past, or being anxious about the future? Then, it is time to shift gears. Because when you try to spend your energy in positive avenues like goal-planning, uplifting yourself and others, you can make every moment a spiritual high!


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Written by: Vanditaa Kothari

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