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Why your stomach & joints will thank you for good spine health

Why should you care about spine health? Do you stand for a few hours at a stretch? Carry heavy things, sometimes? Do you spend over two hours on your laptop / smartphone / tab? Drive a bike / scooter on poor roads? Is your furniture ergonomically *correct*?

If you’ve answered in the affirmative to even a single question, then listen up. According to the Association of Spine Surgeons, at least 60 percent of the Indian population will have a significant episode of spinal injury or distress at some point in their lifetime. India also tops the list in the prevalence of spinal problems like osteoporosis (decrease in the formation of bone) and osteomalacia (softening of the bones).

~According to doctors~, 98 percent of spine problems are a result of sitting, standing and even lying down - incorrectly.

A small exploration of the what, how, and why of spine health.

Why is spine health important?

Meet the spine, your new superhero:

  • The critical neuro-musculo-skeletal structure which enables all our activities.  
  • Supports, and gives a structure and mobility to the body.
  • Protects the spinal cord.

The human body is not designed to sit in a chair, certainly not for several hours at a stretch. It is meant to move. Working seated for long spells leads to fatigue, depression, pain, and headache. Bad postures while lying down to rest or to sleep impacts health, both, immediately and in the long run.

Align your spine. Remove Back pain


What happens when we slouch?

Research shows that walking in a slouched position can do a lot of damage.

  • Bad postures put a lot of stress on the ligaments, which are unable to fully support the back. Stress created by bad postures  predispose people to back pain.
  • Compresses and constricts internal organs, causing avoidable stress on them.
  • Increase feelings of depression and decreases energy levels.
  • Could cause that unsightly abdominal pouch. This could also cause a weakened digestive system, leading to digestive issues.
  • When the spine is misaligned, weight or stress needs to be redistributed to compensate for slouching. The joints have to bear a load that may be more than what they can handle, leading to more pain and degradation of the tissues surrounding them.
  • Tension headaches: Office workers tend to experience more headaches simply because they are putting much tension and strain on their bodies by sitting all day. The tension in the neck, shoulders, and spine eventually work their way up to the head and cause a tension headache. Unlike a migraine which is more neurological, a tension headache is due to musculoskeletal reasons.

The solution is right behind

Studies show that by merely bringing in simple corrections in posture and back care:

  • energy levels can be improved
  • depression can be modulated
  • cognitive functions are improved
  • improves breathing and thus, oxygen supply

A guide: back care steps

1. Eating at the desk, eating in a rush must be avoided at all costs.

2. When managing chronic digestive disorders, posture analysis, and necessary corrections must be considered before any serious medication is considered.

3. Even in cases such as suspected lactose intolerance in adults, just lying down or relaxing after a meal might help.

4. Ergonomically designed workstations with proper spine / back care education are a complete solution. It is good to get up and stretch every half hour or so.

5. The nerves in your neck and upper back control muscle function in arms, wrists, and hands. Bad posture can negatively affect these areas and cause a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome when muscles become tight and numb and cause tingling or pain.

6. Obesity, poor muscle tone, badly fitting shoes, and pregnancy can make one more vulnerable to posture-related tension headaches. Make sure your footwear is comfortable, and fitness features high on your goals.

7. Strengthen the back and neck with proper exercises and yoga asanas.

Spine Care Yoga Seminar for children:

Many posture problems start at a young age. Owing to poorly designed furniture, living and learning spaces, mobile phones, spine-related issues, and serious posture problems set in at a very young age. It is easier to correct most of these and focus on ~spine health~ in childhood itself. When corrected, the benefits are many. To list a few:

  • better concentration in studies
  • higher and sustained energy levels
  • improved digestion and better eating habits
  • prevention of several serious health problems in adult life


“Because of long tennis playing hours and not doing proper exercises, I suffered a slipped disc and a back injury. Doctors told me a surgery may be required, but thanks to The Art of Living programs, I have completely recovered and am now able to play and coach competitive table tennis.”
~ Sourav Ghosh, National Level Silver Medalist, Table Tennis & Founder, Reconnect

"I had a very bad accident; had four slip discs and fractures. I was on painkillers, and an operation was on the cards. I couldn't walk when I signed up for this workshop. The Art of Living programs helped heal my back, and the guidance that I received has helped me overcome those painful moments, and I am happily normal now."
~ Dr. Spandan Katti, Dentist, Cranio-sacral therapist

The Art of Living’s Spine Care Program has improved spine health for people from all walks of life. Find out more information here.

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