Monthly Mindfulness Digest:
September 2018

By Paige Reist | Posted: September 28, 2018

We know you’ve heard the term “mindfulness” tossed around lately, and not just in your local yoga studio. It’s the latest buzzword in wellness, and for good reason! Mindfulness is an important aspect of the wider scope of meditation, and incorporating a practice into your life can have innumerable benefits. But where to begin?

Through this Monthly Mindfulness Digest, we’re all about helping you help yourself. This month, learn how to dispel the myths of mindfulness, find the right type of meditation for you, learn self-awareness, and dig your toes into the earth with these posts from some of our favourite blogs.

The Myths of Mindfulness

Jill Suttie for Greater Good Magazine

Mindfulness isn’t just for spiritual seekers: it’s an essential component to a happy, healthy, and successful life. Jill Suttie confronts some of the most common myths about mindfulness-that it makes you complacent, that it detaches you, that it’s isolating, and that it wears down your vibrancy-and turns these misconceptions on their head.

From Sahaj Samadhi to Vipassana: Which of these Five Types of Meditation is Best for You?

Sejal Shah for Art of Living

Recently, on Sept 7-9,  Art of Living initiated 699 seekers into the meditative tradition of Sahaj Samadhi. There are countless methods of meditation that have been developed over the centuries, and while most of them have the same goal, each takes a different path to arrive at it. So how do you discover which type of meditation is right for you? Sejal Shah explores the intricacies of five meditation traditions to help you find the one that fits your lifestyle best.

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Nobody Can Teach You Self-Awareness. Here’s How to Teach Yourself

Sadie Lincoln for mindbodygreen

No matter how many books you read, classes you attend, and talks you listen to, self-awareness is something that must always come from within. Sadie Lincoln shares her tips on how to turn that scholarly, seekerly attitude within, and discover what everyone’s been raving about for yourself.

Why Every Bare Footfall Connects Us to Our Souls.

Kristina Ambrosia-Conn for Elephant Journal

Sometimes the simplest of actions can be the most spiritually affirming practices. Walking barefoot isn’t just good for your body (regulating cortisol, reducing inflammation, and improving sleep), but excellent for the soul, too. Catch the barefoot bug with this beautiful personal essay by Kristina Ambrosia-Conn.

Paige Leigh Reist is a writer, editor, blogger, and writing instructor.

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