Secrets of Being a Good
Manager (Part-2)

This is continued form the post Secrets of being a Good Manager - 1

Here are a couple (of) more secrets unleashed to help you be good managers.Let us hear what more is in store from Mr.Arunkumar and Ms.Bharathy Harish.

Secret #3: Doing what you love and loving what you do

Mr Arunkumar: At work, stress comes in when you don’t like what you are doing. The two ways out of this are quit and do what you love or just start loving what you do. And that is what differentiates people who are stressed and half-hearted in their work from those who are truly passionate.

If you are not really enjoying what you are doing, don’t let it take the better of you. Instead, choose to meditate. After you come out of your meditation, the judgment between an interesting task and a not-so-interesting task dissolves, and you can perform even those tasks that don’t appeal to you much with as much ease as you would have done what you like the most. It also makes you creative at work. Meditation helps you de-stress, avoiding the chaos in your mind from reaching the team members.

Secret #4: From Self-doubt to Self-Confidence can now be a smooth ride

Mr Arunkumar: If you start getting stressed, you lose faith in your abilities. Doubts come when you don’t have faith. And you don’t have faith when you are low on energy. So, doubt is a result of low energy. If you are enthusiastic about your work, you will not get stressed by workload, or any challenges.

Do not lose hope when you are faced with difficulties. At such times, it is all the more important that you believe in your hard work and dedication towards the task at hand. This belief comes when your energy is high and not when you are feeling low. Meditation is like a pumping machine that keeps you inflated with energy. We all have noticed how we are free of doubts when we are bubbling with enthusiasm. So, the next time you feel low, take a ten to fifteen minutes’ respite with meditation and don’t let self-doubt eat into your ability to deliver at work.

Being guided by a senior manager or your role model is like a mother guiding her child— their inputs are invaluable. As the child grows, he discovers new ways of walking. You can also grow with meditation and unlock your own secrets to add to the list from Mr Arunkumar.

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