Your body is emitting
energy all the time

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Q: (A member of the audience spontaneously asked a question without a mike and the question was inaudible).

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Listen. You are breathing? Yes, you are! Definitely. You know it, I know it and everybody knows it.
So what is happening? The air is entering inside your body and the same air is going out of your body and travelling the whole world. Can you say, ‘This is my air’?
The subtler you go you can’t posses it or own it. On the level of the gross you can say, ‘This is my body.’ Definitely!
Even then, your body is emitting vibrations or energy all the time. You are losing energy and gaining energy from the cosmos. There is a continuous flow and every cell in your body is changing.
You are exchanging energy all the time. You are nothing but a particular vibration, a wave function, a frequency.
One particular frequency is called Susan, another particular frequency is called Jeffery, and another particular frequency is called Michael. You are almost like a particular TV channel. Like from a tower different channels are aired and the channels can be caught in anybody’s home in any television.
You can’t say, ‘BBC is coming in my television but how can it come in the neighbour’s television?’ They are the same waves.
Your consciousness is also a wave function and it has so many possibilities, so many avenues.

It is like the sun. When the sun has come totally inside your window, you can’t say, ‘Oh the sun has come into my window, I have captured the sun!’ No. The same sun will totally be there in the neighbour’s window as well, and all over the world. This is spherical thinking.

We are trained in linear thinking. If something is born it has to die, this is linear thinking. Think spherically. The Vedanta gives you spherical thinking. The ancient people knew spherical thinking and that is why they use the word perhaps; perhaps this and perhaps that.

In Jain religion and Jain philosophy also they use perhaps. This is a very interesting thing to understand. With spherical thinking, the intellect is stimulated and it is charged to transcend the limited and see the truth beyond.

So the sun is here totally and there also totally. And you are just a vibration. As the body you can’t be everywhere, but as consciousness you can be in many places.
If you have touched a flower, your vibrations have gone into the flower.
Have you heard of biometric locks? They are locks that will open only when you touch them. If you had spoken about these locks 20 to 25 years ago, people would have laughed at you and would have thought you are insane. Everything is possible.

So everything is just a wave function. The whole universe is a wave; a field of consciousness.

Q: Is refusing medication considered as suicide?

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: No! If someone wants to refuse medication and wants the body to take its natural course then it is not suicide. It is okay.
But if someone out of anguish tries to strangle themselves and end their life then that is suicide as far as I am concerned. I would call that suicide.
Sometimes people who are in coma they are force fed or they are kept on a machine for a long time. What I would say for them is let them go naturally, don’t force feed them. This is my personal opinion, but there are different opinions on this issue.
When you know that someone cannot survive and cannot come back to being normal then there is no point in keeping them alive like a vegetable. I would say remove all the tubes and let nature take its course.

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