Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

'Sahaj' is a Sanskrit word that means natural or effortless. 'Samadhi' is a deep, blissful, meditative state. 'Sahaj Samadhi Meditation' is a natural, effortless system of meditation.

The Sahaj Samadhi program teaches you a meditation technique that alleviates the practitioner from stress-related problems, deeply relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the system.

Regular practice of the technique can transform the quality of one's life, by culturing the system to maintain the peace, energy and expanded awareness throughout the day. These meditation techniques combined with yogic practices can ensure good health and a calm mind.

  • Meditation allows the conscious mind to settle deeply in the Self, giving it rest
  • When the mind settles down, it lets go of all tension, making one healthy and focused

How does Sahaj Samadhi Meditation work?

The participant is taught to use a simple sound mentally which allows the mind to settle down and go within. When the mind and nervous system are allowed to repose a few moments in the profound silence, the blocks that clog the system and our progress gradually dissolve.

5 Benefits of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

  1. Clear Thinking
  2. Increased Energy
  3. Better Physical Health
  4. Improved Relationships
  5. Greater Peace of Mind

Importance of Mantra

In Sanskrit, a mantra is described as, ‘Manana trayate iti mantra.’ Mantra is that which saves you from repetitiveness. A repetitive thought is a worry. Mantras help free you from worries.

The chanting of a mantra allows the mind to settle deeply into itself. And when the mind settles down, it lets go of all tension and stress and centers itself in the present moment. It is only in the present moment that we find true happiness; those moments when we are free from regrets about the past or anxiety about the future. Sahaj means natural. Samadhi means enlightenment. Our inner nature is available naturally through this mantra meditation.

“In Samadhi, that very deep state of meditation, you are given energy and long-lasting bliss. It carries you higher and higher until your very presence radiates love.” - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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