"I Stand For Peace" Global Campaign: A Call For Peace & Unity Among Nations

“There is humanness in everyone, only the bridge of trust can open it up in all.” 

                                                                             ~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Today, when we see the world, we see fragmentations. Where some places show fragments of recovery from the clench of the pandemic, some depict technological evolution, but unfortunately, others denote fragments of violence. In this state of confusion, we tend to move astray and believe things without really knowing the consequences of our beliefs. Such confusion needs mending; it needs a spiritual perception that can bring a higher state of awareness to our being and doing. And it is our greatest blessing to have an enlightened force among us who believes in peace within the community and has prioritized the humanitarian approach above all. Famous for his ideals and placidity, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar initiated the movement “I Stand For Peace” to emphasize the importance of peace, love, and harmony in our lives, amidst war and turmoil. 

What is the Global Movement?


The now-paced global movement, “I Stand For Peace” was started by Gurudev in Geneva, Switzerland to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, stop war violence and encourage dialogues among the nations. 


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War is the result of disturbance in peace, within and without. Peace is acquired on three levels; inner peace (within us), adjacent peace (peace in our immediate surroundings), and global peace (peace within nations). If there is an imbalance in any of the peace parameters, it is impossible to see world peace. It is impossible to encourage cultural diversity and celebrate differences. Hence, the movement is the need of the hour to unite for a peaceful revolution against the injustices prevailing in the Ukraine-Russia war.

Starting in April 2022, the movement made its way across Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and the US. 



Cause of the Movement

“The root cause of conflict is three-fold; it starts with self-interest being threatened, increases with lack of communication and breakdown of trust” 
~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Recognizing people’s agony in such a state of conflict around the world, Gurudev intends to restore harmony and inculcate human values in all. In his endeavor to eliminate mistrust and darkness from society, Gurudev met many diplomats, policymakers, global leaders, and volunteers who helped relentlessly during the pandemic and also in the Ukrainian refugees' rehabilitation. 

Gurudev’s appeal to join the movement has gained the interest of many, and the last couple of months have seen a rise in the statistics, with about 50k views, 8k+ likes, and 470+ retweets linked to the movement. Not just that, with the massive support from world leaders like Eric Solheim and Ryzard Charnecki, the movement is pacing up the charts and is making its way to reaching the masses.

Moving to the US

The "I Stand For Peace” movement has garnered the support of thousands in the United States and the world who came together in these events to commit to peace. So far, Gurudev has addressed many states in the US like Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, North Carolina, Delaware, Texas and Arizona to advocate for the peace movement. With thousands joining forces to stand with the movement, many are echoing the urgency for peace in these difficult times.

Gurudev’s incessant efforts to bring peace globally have earned him the prestigious Global Humanitarian Award by the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine in Miami, Florida. His persistence to bring a change in the world is marked by his intelligence, wisdom and ideals. To imply the significance of mental well-being and the impact of meditation, Gurudev recently held a discussion at Harvard University with faculty and renowned author Susan David. Gurudev’s voice was echoed by Norway’s ex-minister Erik Solheim, when he too advocated the need to make a positive change in society and bring global peace. 

The consequences of the pandemic and the war brought so many issues like inflation, unemployment, economic regression, etc. that affected people mentally and physically. With the youth getting into either aggression or depression, there needs to be a monitor that helps them cope with the external changes. And that monitor is the path of awareness and mindfulness, which can only be achieved through yoga and meditation. Mental health is no more a taboo as it needs more attention than ever.

building resilience in turbulent times

Discussion with noted author @SusanDavid_PhD about emotional resilience at Harvard University.

“A strong mind can carry along a weak body but a weak mind cannot carry even a strong body.”

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Violence is Not the Answer

War creates violence and peace opposes it. Peace has the power to unite people, create channels of trust, bring wisdom and offer overall wellness. Also, this is the time to look inward because, without internal peace, we cannot expect external peace. When the mind is calm and awake, it can offer the light to dispel the prevailing darkness in society. Sometimes we may not know what we want and that’s why Gurudev expresses the need to practice a humanitarian approach to penetrate the minds of the victim and the doer.

“Purity in heart, clarity in mind, sincerity in action, and contentment is the formula for happiness.”

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Peace Resolves Many Issues

Peace is the ultimate answer to many problems. Gurudev, during his trip for the movement, “I Stand for Peace,” met many fraternities and got a profound insight into their sufferings. One was the medical fraternity which brought to the fore the rising concern for the mental health of these professionals. The reports claimed that during the pandemic, many doctors committed suicide because of burnout, stress, and lack of work-life balance. The times were tough, but it was alarming to know that the doctors who enhance our well-being were not keeping sturdy mental health. Gurudev addressed the event hosted by National Geographic and gave them tips and tools to help them to practice mindfulness, compassion, and discover happiness.

Love and Peace are essential elements of life, and “I Stand For Peace” preaches the same values. The movement aims to bring together people irrespective of social and cultural differences and celebrate their uniqueness through compassion and care.

Here is how you can do your bit:

  • Advocate the need to live in harmony, by feeling for people’s distress, and by ending ego clashes.
  • Practice and preach the art of neutrality. When you are neutral and aren't pushed by bias, you get closer to attaining inner peace.
  • Understand the significance of balancing emotions by being aware of challenges in society and working towards them.


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