Stress Free Teaching - Seminar

‘Stress Free Teaching’ is a short but effective 1-hour workshop that explores the aspects of stress in the teaching profession, and how to overcome the same. Stress is found to be part of the day-to-day lives of teachers. Teachers feel stressed due to:

  • Attention span of students
  • Managing large classes
  • Staying updated
  • Results-driven performance scoring
  • Syllabus completion
  • Students with behavioral and emotional difficulties

Understanding the cause of stress helps the teachers plan to combat the problems/ challenges they face. This leads to a better quality of life with less stress, making teachers healthier, happier and potentially even more successful at the teaching profession.


  • Awareness of causes of stress
  • Stress release
  • Tips on handling different types of children


1 hour seminar for teachers

Program Content

  • Identifying the root cause for stress in teachers
  • Simple exercises to relieve physical stress
  • Breathing techniques that help relieve mental stress
  • Tips to bring out best in children by handling different kinds of children
  • Making teaching stress free