Guru Story : The Wonder of My Master

‘Once, in 2005 or 2007, a small group including me, were travelling with Gurudev in Kenya. We had flown to show him the wild animals in the jungle. He was in a car ahead of us. Driving at a slow pace behind him, what we saw was quite mesmerizing. A pack of lions surrounded his car and were walking around it. Just like your pet dogs and cats welcome you when you come home, the lions were walking around his car as if they were his pets. They hardly came near us; they were with him, surrounding him and walking with his car. It was quite a sight. Even the wild animals took to him like he was their master and friend.’

Beatriz has known Sri Sri for 15 years. In all her travels across the globe; from Siberia to the aborigine lands of Australia, from the Himalayas to the deserts of Arabia, she has never seen anyone who has took on the world with a message of peace like Sri Sri, her master and guru. Her experiences with him have created a beautiful place in her memories. Some mysterious, some bizarre, but all of them profound.

“Soon after the jungle tour,” she continues, talking with her bright eyes, “Gurudev said that we will meditate in the wild. It was evening, and we went to this watch tower, where we would see the hippos come out of the river. We sat on the deck of the tower and he said that we will meditate now. He didn’t guide us. We closed our eyes, and from silence we went into deep meditation. After what must’ve been 30 minutes, we opened our eyes and he asked us what we experienced. It was bizarre, but people shared that they saw faces of people with masks, and they asked him what it meant. He said that they were ancestral souls of Africa who were waiting for us for a long time to be redeemed, and that now they’re free. We were all spellbound. That night we cooked for him and returned to Nairobi where a wonderful conference was to take place. They were 2000 people, and that was the first time I saw him heal anybody. He called the people on stage, people with any sort of pain. He placed his hand where the pain was and it disappeared. There was this particular woman, who had come over to the stage. She was on crutches and had a difficult time walking with it. She was in pain. It was a tumor on her back that kept her from walking. He placed his hand where the tumor was and after a moment told her to leave the crutches and walk. She said she can’t walk without the crutches, ‘You can,’ he said. She left her crutches and walked to her place. She was in tears, and so were the thousands who saw this unimaginable phenomenon. I have never seen him do this before,” she sighs in amazement.

Beatriz had no questions of how this was possible. She knew it was. There is a scientific explanation to it. Anyone who has reached a higher state of consciousness, like Gurudev, would be able to put the necessary atoms in the body, muscles and nerves to restructure it. It is quantum physics. “Well this is my intellectual explanation,” she says, “and my non intellectual explanation is, that it is a miracle. That’s one thing out of the many I’ve learnt from him, that life itself is a miracle.”

“In another experience, I was astounded by his calmness. It was in the year 2000 at Bad Antogast, Germany. We were meditating in the hall at around 5:30 in the morning, and Gurudev was in his room upstairs.  I was sitting in the first row. During meditation I suddenly felt this coldness in my feet. It was strong and vivid. I thought I was having a transcendental experience. The coldness started to crawl up my feet to my body. I had to open my eyes. When I did, I saw that there was a flood. There was a hole in the wall through which snow water was gushing in. Flood, flood! I screamed, the others thought that I was fantasizing during meditation. But soon they realized it too. Half the hall was flooded with ice cold water. We ran upstairs to his room and found him sitting in his little sofa. We shouted, ‘Gurudev flood, flood, the hall is flooding, it’s an emergency.’ He looked at our panicked and freaked out faces, and in utmost calmness said, ‘hmm, why don’t you go down and see what can be done to stop the water from gushing in.’ He was so still and calm. We went down quite differently as we came up, filled the hole with sand and stones, and stopped the water from gushing in, later the hole was mended.

Nothing can shake his calmness. You tell him that you have won a million dollar lottery, or the mountains have come down and are crushing the building, he remains calm and unperturbed. It was a very important lesson I learnt that day; not to be unnecessarily feverish and excited. It is a phenomenon of nature, such calmness in a person,” Beatriz gasps.

150,000 people gathered in a park in Argentina to see him and meditate with him. It was unimaginable to have such a gathering. ‘Stadium or park, Gurudev?’ I had asked him while selecting a place months before his visit. I was thinking stadium with its seating arrangement and comfort, but much to my bewilderment, he said that it should be a park. A stadium couldn’t fit the number of people who were going to be present. He knew it much before it happened. 

Most of the people didn’t know who he was, many had only seen his pictures. But there is something in his presence, because when he came on to the podium, the crowd went crazy, they were screaming and shouting for his attention. They wanted him to look at them, personally. And he did. How? Only he knows, because when we asked the experience of the people gathered, they said that they got what they came for. They were content, and happy. They even said that they shared their personal problems with him, and he listened. Again, in that crowd of thousands how this was possible, only he knows.”

“There are many excellent people who, through different organizations are doing excellent work for humanity,” says Beatriz, “but there is nobody who has taken the whole world as a goal, and is guiding millions of people in human values, nobody except Gurudev. There are many stories and experiences I’ve had with him, but this space wouldn’t be enough,” she smiles and says, “I’ve had an amazing life, but I’ve never seen and experienced someone like him. Absolutely nothing can fill the space which he has created in me. It is the experience of millions!”

Writer: Eben Felix, Graphics: Niladri Dutta

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