Through The Master's Eyes: Francisco Moreno Ocampo

Francisco Moreno Ocampo, teacher with The Art of Living, had the privilege of traveling with the Master during His visit to Caracas,Venezuela on April 23rd , 2012 . He recollects some of the touching moments.


“What are you planning to do in Venezuela?” asked the migraton officer as we were leaving the US.

Guruji replied: “Visit my family”


As Guruji was driven back to the hotel with four other volunteers, he asked: “who is very hungry?” Nobody replied. One of the volunteers was actually starving because she hadn´t had any breakfast but she didn´t dare to say anything. Guruji looked at her and said: “You know I can feel what you feel right?”


On the way to the airport, there is a famous jail with over population of prisoners and very poor conditions, the funny thing is that the neighborhood is called “Paradaise”. Guruji was told about this jail as we were passing by with the car. He looked attentively and said: “Paradise? There are not even windows. This is not good, this is not possible.” and he frowned his eyebrows in signal of disapproval. One day after this, some events happening in the jail forced the government to close the jail after 50 years and move the inmates to other prisons.

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