Celebration is pure vibration

Human life is a combination of matter, i.e., body and spirit or vibration. Isn't it? Pleasure or joy is becoming intense vibration. Joy is forgetting that you are matter and so you become intense vibration. All the carnal instincts will also make you feel intense vibrations momentarily. And that's how they give a glimpse of joy. But the thing is, it is short lived and it makes you dense later on. Pleasure that comes from Satsang is of a higher nature. Mantra and singing create vibrations in the spirit. That's why when you sing, the ecstasy stays for a long time. Pleasure in the subtle is long lasting, energizing, refreshing and freeing. Pleasure from the gross is short lived, tiring and binding.

When you know you are electricity (vibration/energy), then craving, greed, lust and anger disappear. And you become true celebration.