6 Best Quotes on Friendship

There is a famous saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed! True friends can be a great source of inspiration and can take you to greatness in life. If you ask yourself what is that you want from your friend, you will find there is really nothing. You just want the friendship. It has no motive or purpose.

This friendship day, celebrate your best friend forever (BFF) who has been there for you through your thick and thin! We bring to you these quotes on friendship by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to celebrate this special bond!


To come out of loneliness you make friends, but coming together in knowledge is rare. Be a friend in knowledge and uplift each other.

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A real friend is one whose company uplifts us; an untrue friend is one whose company brings us down.


Friendship based just on needs doesn't last long. However, when it comes from a space of sharing, the whole world will befriend you.


When you go to a friend with a problem and if you walk away from them feeling lighter, then they are a good friend.


Tell your friends, ‘I am here for you I don’t want anything from you other than friendship’. That will make your friendship long-lasting.


We must interact with everyone around us but at the same time be centred from within. When we are centred, then we will not feel sad, angry or possessive.


When you are friendly, the whole world becomes your friend. Everybody turns to you.


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Little quotes to help you understand the many shades of love, and how to find that perfect love deep within you.



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