What Even God Could Not Do

When the bridge to Sri Lanka was being built (in the Ramayana), a lot of monkeys were helping in building it. The monkeys were picking up stones, writing 'Sri Ram' on the back of the stones and putting it in the water. As they put the stones in the water, they would float.

This has a spiritual significance: When the name of the Lord is with you, you will never sink; you will always float through the ocean of misery.

So all the monkeys were writing 'Sri Rama', and all their stones were floating. When Sri Rama saw this, he was so surprised. He thought, “What? These stones are floating!” He wanted to try it himself. So he took a stone, wrote 'Sri Rama' on it and put it in the water, but the stone sank! Sri Rama was surprised.

One monkey was sitting at a distance, watching. Sri Rama went where he thought nobody was watching (whenever we think nobody is watching, there is somebody who is watching). So, one monkey who was watching, he started laughing. Sri Rama was a little embarrassed. The laughing monkey said to Sri Rama, "Those who you throw away from your hands, how they will float? They will only sink!”

The moral of the story is: Devotees are so much more powerful than the Lord himself. Devotees can do so much more than the Lord himself. When your heart is filled with love and compassion, you are so powerful. Never underestimate yourself.

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