Festive Season’s Over!
Detox with Yoga

Are you tired from the festive vacation? But did you go on one to get tired? Vacations are going to come in the future too and you are going to get tired again. What is the solution to this never-ending chicken and egg story? Read on…

The dancing shoes have danced their way back into the shoe rack. The resolutions are done with, the bags unpacked from the vacation. You are charged up to take the challenges of the New Year, charting down your fresh targets and occasionally glancing at the new calendar for the next long holidays to come. Memories are still fresh from the holiday gone by. But are you?

Often, people complain of neck pains, stiff back and sore legs after a long holiday. They take a vacation for a change, for or a break from monotony, to rejuvenate, to pamper their senses, but end up too tired for anything during the last leg of the vacation. Here, we bring you six good yoga practices to revive yourself after the festive holiday season.

  •  Nadi Shodhan Pranayama (Alternate Nostril breathing): Going overseas or on long trips can sometimes be over-tiring because of the jet lag. This pranayama can be practiced sitting in the airport lounge or in the taxi way back home, anywhere. Alternate nostril breathing helps relax all the nerves of the body which may have been overworked during the vacation. It also helps to calm the mind, releasing accumulated stress in the mind and body and thoroughly relaxing it.
  • Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellow breath): Three rounds of Bhastrika pranayama can get your energy levels soaring, challenging the mercurial elements! This pranayama works best when you have just unpacked your bags and need a push to go that extra mile to get a can of milk for the next day!
  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation): A complete body workout that flexes, tones and relaxes the muscles. You can do it the way you like – at a slow, normal or fast pace. An excellent exercise to lose weight for those who indulged in feasts during the vacation. It also helps loosen stiff muscles and relaxes a sore back. Just apt for the after-vacation detox.
  • Kapal Bhati Pranayama (Skull-Shining breathing technique): Explaining the importance of KapalBhati, Dr. Sejal Shah, an Sri Sri Yoga expert says that around 80% of the toxins in our body are released through the outgoing breath. Practicing KapalBhati regularly detoxifies all the systems in our body. As the name suggests, kapalbhati can make your skull shine. Probably the thing you are looking out for after baking yourself in the sun this vacation. It brings radiance to the face and can also help reduce your waistline! The pranayama also helps improve digestive tract functioning, absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Sukshma Yoga: A subtle form of yoga which consists of simple and effective exercises that provide quick relaxation. The good part of it is that it takes neither time nor requires any kind of preparation. These exercises help open up subtle energy channels in a session as short as 5-7 minutes. Feel the change within.
  • Meditation: Finally, connect with yourself. After all, it’s now time to go inward after being busy meeting friends and relatives during the season. As you had been visiting new places, taking adventurous trekking camps, you may not have got the time to be with yourself. To experience your own presence. Meditation will help you take that break and go deep within. It can be one of the best detoxifications that help you to calm down and reduce your stress level after a hectic holiday.

Bring on the New Year with a yoga bang!

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