5 Golden qualities of an Olympic champion with Gurudev’s pearls of wisdom

Will it, won’t it? Japan and the world were left guessing for over a year about the fate of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. But, when it did, despite the empty seats and subsequent muted hooting and hoopla, hundreds of millions felt the pulse of the (normally) quadrennial event courtesy the exceptional performances and sportsmanship. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, many memorable moments happened off the play arena. 

In these moments, athletes showed us something even more inspiring than the hard work and sacrifice we know goes behind the glamor of success. They exhibited values beyond skill, beyond mental strength, beyond raw power...they gave us a peek into something even more precious - their character.

In our daily lives, we go through struggles which are to us, just as big, as what these athletes face every time they enter their sporting arena. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has acknowledged this daily struggle and has some golden words of wisdom that make you introspect, innovate, and go beyond your everyday, ordinary thoughts and acts. He has something more tangible as well to help you - inspirational quotes that trigger positive action in you. 

Watch this video of the bravehearts of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.


5 Golden values of an Olympic Champion


1. Magnanimity - Athletes struggle for years to excel in their sport. They work every hour of the day towards the Olympic gold. They know only one person can win it. And yet, these two athletes were ready to split that special moment between themselves. And like Charles Dickens’ famous orphan, they asked for more - the difference is, they got it! Sharing the glory, enhanced their joy, their reward, and the world will always look up to them for this moment of magnanimity


2. Sportsmanship - The test of a true champion does not depend simply on how many medals they win. It is the quality of sportsmanship they are able to display even in loss - even towards the person who ended their dream run. This Indian made our chest swell in pride for her true sports(wo)manship as it were. And her opponent was not the only one left in tears at her kind and thoughtful gesture.

3. Commitment - When you are young and dream of winning the Olympics, you would probably not appreciate what your chosen sport will one day demand of you. This athlete and many in his sport routinely deliver (almost literally) their pound of flesh to stand on the coveted podium. Not all of them reach it despite their brave sacrifices. But you never leave empty-handed. This athlete won a billion fans as he inspired the world with his die-hard spirit.  



4. New skill development - The goals are becoming steeper, the targets are moving farther away, but the competition is getting closer and closer. If you think that athletes are insulated from the fierce heart-thumping that is going on inside you, the spectator, think again. They are performing despite that enervating thump from within. So, they come up with innovative ways to channelize this energy, to remain calm despite the momentousness of the occasion. Watch what this gold-winning braveheart has taken up. 


5. Team spirit - Can you show team spirit when you are not in the team? Yes, you can. This multi-gold winner showed that it is not your performance on the mat or bars that makes you a champion, it is that spirit of oneness that you feel. When you root for others to win, even when you can’t, it shows your true devotion to your sport. This is the winning feeling that we all really aspire to feel. 

(Based on the video of 5 Golden qualities of an Olympic champion)


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