​An open letter to my dreams​

Dear dreams,

You thought I would show up earlier and complain away. But not me.
You see, I follow what you’ve taught me all along. I dream away of you.
It’s like just dreaming about you infuses new energy and light into me.
When I just think about you, I feel I walk confidently in a dream.
I can do this when I’m sleeping at night or even awake during the day.
Just walking confidently into my dreams.

So, why do I write to you, you ask? Well, I do know there’s no love lost between us. You play really hard to get. The closer I think I am to you, the further you move away. So I thought I should simply write to you and let you know once and for all - I’m here for keeps. I don’t intend to go away. And I will dream away about you, till I get you.

No, I’m no stalker. And I know the end will be pretty. I’m just somebody who believes in dreaming that’s all. Follow your dreams, I say. Why, you ask?

If somebody with a young body and mind won’t dream about achieving you, then who will? You could be anybody with a young mind, never mind the age. It’s never too late to start dreaming about you. Never too late to chase your dream, as they say.

And you know, I keep giving myself advice all the time. Just so that I don’t feel like giving up every time you turn your back on me. Let me share my secrets with you, even though you don’t:

  • Courage drives me. So even if something, like yourself, continues to be elusive, I continue onwards with courage. Follow your dreams, remember?
  • Faith is another favorite ingredient. I have the belief that one day you will shine on me. Only the best will happen to me. Yes, I do meet failure. You never show up. Sometimes I think I’m almost there, and then bam! You do a disappearing act. Sometimes other people pull out on me. But I don’t take failure seriously. I just look at failure in the eye, brush it off my shoulder like I’m dusting something off and I walk on. I dream on and say to others: chase your dreams.
  • I’m also willing to be patient. You see, it doesn’t make sense to reach a destination all harried and worried. I would rather enjoy the journey as well as the arrival of the destination. It could be with all the pomp and glory. Attaining you will be even sweeter.
  • Passion and hard work didn’t kill anybody. Don’t think I just sit around waiting for you to appear. Do you think I just dream away, every day? No sir, not me. I put my everything preparing for you to arrive. I prepare myself, I better my skills and knowledge. I turn the everyday into something extraordinary. I believe in self-effort and perseverance.
  • And just because I want you, it doesn’t mean that I ignore everything else. I live my life with awareness, gratitude and a sense of happiness. Not getting you, currently, is not making me bitter, angry or frustrated. I rejoice in others’ success, believe that my time will come and keep working hard. Just this morning, I was expecting you to visit me. And I kept checking to see if you arrived. Instead, you visited my friend. That's alright; I keep dreaming and working.
  • I believe that the Universe wants the best for me. So hey, I do want you and I do tell everyone: follow your dreams. I set the intention, announce it to the Universe, work towards getting you. And have surrendered this desire to the Universe. ‘Give me this or whatever you think best.’ I do dream about you, but I don’t get all hassled.
  • And there’s one last thing I do and let me confess I’m addicted to it. I do this every day, no matter what the time, schedule or place is. I meditate. There, you know my biggest secret to believing in myself. I find it just helps me relax and keeps me buoyant. Keeps my faith alive and my sense of hope. It makes me feel good. I could go on and on - but let me just say, I really can’t live without it.

So, now you know my mind. I’ve spilled the secrets. I’ve become stronger than ever before and believe harder than yesterday. And you, my dear dreams, have no option but to do my bidding. You will manifest in my life and will shine forth. Everything that I dream of will come true. That or something even better. Simply because the dreams will. So I tell everyone, continue chasing your dreams.

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Waiting to see you, dear dreams, manifest in my lif​e,
Yours truly.

Based on Gurudev’s wisdom talks

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