Your Dad Will Thank You for This Father’s Day Gift

Have you been running pillar to post, unable to zero down on the one gift that is truly unique, something that Dad hasn’t had before yet worth every dime you pay for it? Well, then I won’t say your search stops here. In fact, your search has just begun for the most suitable gift you can find for him this Father’s Day! Let’s not put much effort in describing Dad—we all know how much they matter to us. When he spends those 365 days working and toiling, he is not only giving his all, but he is also giving up his health to earn happiness for his family. He is the best Dad, and the best Dad deserves nothing less than the best gift—meditation.

Where did that come from? That is so out of the blue

You may be scratching your head and wondering how meditation can be the best gift this Father’s Day. To answer that, let’s rewind a little. He’s the best Dad, right?! The best Dad deserves the best gift, right?! The best gift would be one that brings Dad good health, lots of happiness, and fulfilment, right?! Meditation can give Dad all this and much more. Meditation can be the harbinger of good fortune and it can also be his road map to success. It’s a gift that is not going to fade with time and he will definitely thank you for making his life richer with it—right now, when he retires, and even when you are married and have kids of your own!

The best we can offer you right now is a 3-day weekend Sahaj Samadhi Meditation retreat for your Dad at the nearest center in your city. You can locate one near you by clicking here.

You are probably curious to know how meditation can help Dad in more ways than one. Read on...

#1 Meditation can make Dad healthy

Do you remember times when you’d fallen sick and mom would sit by your side the whole day? When she was tired, Dad took over. After spending all those hours at office, he spent a few more taking care of you. Now is the time to reciprocate, with your gift of meditation. With Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, transcending thoughts becomes effortless. This can give Dad deep rest. In that restful state, his energy levels will rise, which will heal his body. Meditation can also undo the effects of stress hormones on the body. It will be like a cushion for his heart and a lullaby for his sleep. If you make sure your Dad meditates regularly, you will notice how much more fresher he looks every morning.

#2 Meditation can make Dad happy

Once Dad is healthy, he is naturally going to be happy. It might be a little inappropriate to quote research results right now, but we can’t help telling you that those of us who meditate are generally going to have an upward-sloping happiness curve as against a U-shaped curve for those who do not. If I were you, I would make sure my Dad’s happiness curve always slopes upward. Now that doesn’t mean we won’t have to face difficulties. It's just that facing it will become quite easy when we are at peace with ourselves and our situation, and understand that nothing is going to last forever. In meditation, this realization comes to us at the time we need it most.

#3 Meditation can bring Dad fulfilment

Fulfilment isn’t some crazy idea that will come to you on your death bed, when you count your blessings. It is something that you can experience now and help your Dad experience too. A very interesting thing that meditation can do to just anybody, even Dad, is replace a sense of lack with a sense of contentment. That doesn’t mean you have to have everything in life or that meditation will give you the abracadabra spell to grant wishes, but it’ll bring gratitude. So, when you want something in life, you are not feverish about it. If you’ve heard, "what goes around, comes around (manifold)", then you’d probably agree that creating positive vibes will be reciprocated with positivity.

#4 Don’t just stop at that

A good thing about Sahaj Samadhi Meditation is that every experience is unique and incomparable. You cannot guess what gift it has in store for you. If your Dad is a meditation lover, this will be the best gift for him, and if he isn’t, he’ll thank you once he comes back from his weekend meditation retreat. Because he will soon discover how meditation is helping him grow in more ways than one. So while you spend this weekend in your loving Dad’s company, set him up for a date with meditation next weekend, where he can rewind and rejuvenate himself.

Written by Ravisha Kathuria

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