Building Courage
With Meditation

Why amplifying inner strength & courage needs meditation

Often in challenging times, we resort to the safe and familiar ways of reacting. Later, we regret that we weren't more courageous. For instance, when you have the choice between a comfortable job or you have to take a leap of faith into something completely unknown. It is the familiar situation that seems more appealing than the unknown one.

Even in our day-to-day living, there are situations that require courage, commitments and the mundane parts of life require courage. There is courage required everywhere, at home and in office, for big and small things in life. Courage can be defined in different ways for different people. There is a way to even be more courageous. Where you can take that leap, take that one extra step and walk that one extra mile? Meditation can help you build on the courage and inner strength.

You will see that after practicing meditation for some time, there is an intangible change in perception, observation, and expression.  Courage, inner strength, belongingness, naturalness and joy blossoms. There is no reason to feel anxiety when the mind is freed from these limitations. The feeling of separation from life and all living things becomes less and a natural courage shines through.

With meditation, courage just happens effortlessly instead of having to try and make it happen. Here are four ways that meditation nurtures the courage, which is innately present in all of us.

Meditation makes you stand out from the rest

Usually, the feeling of weakness arises when you don’t feel a connection with the situation or a person. It is easy to sing in front of a group of friends, but difficult to sing in front of a large crowd. This is because you feel oneness with your friends and so you are comfortable. The ancient Vedic and yogic texts tell us that all fears arise from the sense of separation – that feeling of disconnection between ‘me’ and ‘others’.

Meditation gives us the actual experience that you are much bigger than the problem. And when that happens you tap into the wellspring of courage.

TIP: Next time you are facing a situation where you are experiencing fear, sit for a few minutes to meditate.

Meditation trains the mind to overcome fear

With meditation, our awareness of each moment (whether it is pleasant or unpleasant) increases. Gradually, with regular meditation, our mind starts to become comfortable with fear and other emotions. When we stop resisting our fears, our innate courage shines through.

TIP: Make a list of things in your life that are challenging you to be brave. Then close your eyes and sit quietly for 5 -20 minutes. You could use one of the online guided meditations if you haven't learned meditation yet.  

Meditation makes you emerge as a strong person

Many of our concerns, worries, and fears are just the same thoughts recycling in our mind. The mantra which we use in Sahaj Samadhi meditation has the power to take our mind out of these thought loops. We get into the serene space of stillness and comfort.

When the mind is in a clear and confident space, then it is more likely to take appropriate action and move out of fearful mental and emotional restrictions.

TIP: When a fearful situation arises, you could do the Hmmm process.

Meditation increases the energy levels

Prana (life force energy) is what makes you strong, enthusiastic, and confident. When our energy or prana is high, we naturally feel more courageous.

There are times when you achieve much more than you actually think, and these times are when you are totally devoted to achieving the goal. That feeling of putting in your 100 percent commitment and being totally in the present moment while executing the plan is a sign of courage.

TIP: Meditate for 10-15 minutes before starting work. This will keep you strong during the day for any challenging situation that may arise.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks.

Written by Janette Scott, based on inputs from Chris Dale, Faculty, The Art of Living.

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