Boost Your Creativity
in 5 Simple Ways

Get your creative juices flowing with meditation

Are you stuck in the rut of working-sleeping-eating-working? Where then, do you get the enthusiasm to step out-of-the way and create something never seen, never heard of or never read before? We understand, and therefore we bring to you 5 simple yet unique ways that can help boost your creativity to unimaginable heights. Are you ready to take the journey?

Let’s explore these ways:

Let Your Imagination Fly

How many times have you stopped yourself from creating something new just because you were too afraid to fail? Failure precedes success. You’ve got to open your mind to a field of all possibilities and that can happen through meditation. Meditation increases your capacity to move out of your box and perceive the complexity of your work from all angles so that you can choose the best approach. You’ve got to think through your situation and not wait for the ideas to pop out of the blue. It is nice to meditate before you start working on your creation. Who knows? You might come up with a very unique algorithm of your own.

Put Yourself In Other’s Shoes

Do you have a target audience for your work? As in the case of a writer or a software developer or marketing personnel? Have you looked at your creation from the point of view of your audience? Find what it is that people want, why are they searching for it, and what is the gap between that which is already created and that which is needed. And you’ll know what the best approach is for you.

Even though these questions have been served on your plate, you’ve got to explore your answers. And that can happen only if you are open to perceive the world from someone else’s eyes and not just be loaded with your own thoughts and ideas. With meditation you can nurture this ability. Regularly meditating for 20 minutes can help de-clutter your mind and help you see things as others might want it. The end results are bound to be very productive. Try it now.

Take Enough Rest

Have you perceived creativity as action, action and action? You might want to change it to action – rest – action and see the difference. Yes, it is very important that you rest in between activities. The kind of rest you need to be ultra-creative can come from meditation. Did you know 20 minutes of meditation can give you the kind of rest that 4 hours of deep-sleep can? So while you are saving on your time you are adding to your energy and enthusiasm. Come enjoy your dose of rest now!

Extract Only The Best From Feedback

Have you been taking reviews of your creation from many people? Are you confused, what to implement and what not to? Well, the solution is FOCUS. Yes, and that can come from meditation. Let’s link feedback, focus and meditation. When you meditate, you are relaxed. When you are relaxed, you are better able to gather your thoughts – that is being focused. When you are focused, you know what you want to deliver and then it’ll be easy for you to sieve effective feedbacks from flippant ones.

Don't Stress Yourself With Criticisms And Feedback

Are you being too hard on yourself for not creating what you wanted to? Are you a perfectionist and are not giving yourself the space for criticism to flow in? Turn back the pages of history and read about people who didn’t give up because of criticism and failure.

You must be thinking, ‘It is easier said than done’. Not if you meditate regularly. When you set out to do something different, you are bound to face hardships, failures, and criticism. When you meditate regularly, you boost your energy and enthusiasm. Else you will feel bogged down and unwilling to start afresh. It is imperative that you keep going until you reach your goal or you might miss an excellent chance of creating something marvelous. And meditation gives you the necessary impetus, come what may.

Tips for you

Tip #1 Be observant of the tiniest things around you. That doesn’t mean you lose your mind on ‘why are things the way they are’. Just observe and think, ‘What can I learn from this’ or ‘Can I use this idea in my own work’? Meditation will help you learn without getting muddled up with the mechanism behind things and situations. You’ll wonder how everything has something to teach you.

Tip #2 There’s a huge possibility that you might get amazing ideas at very odd times. You might not even be able to carry your writing pad to such places, such as your washroom. Don’t shy! This has happened to almost all of us. That’s when it is really important that we have a sharp memory to record these and use them when required. If we meditate regularly, it can help us remember things for a very long time.

Are you ready to embark on your creative journey with meditation? Our technique of meditation is so effortless that all you have to do is just sit with your eyes closed and relax, as you automatically rejuvenate yourself for some creative breakthroughs.

Author: Ravisha Kathuria

Ravisha Kathuria, a passionate writer, has just begun dabbling in the world of words. Through her articles, she conveys the beauty of the ancient knowledge of meditation in its simplest form that are easy takeaways for the readers.

The author has written this article based on meditation inputs by Bharathy Harish, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Teacher

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