Nine Effective, Natural, Proven Ways to Heal Migraine Headaches (Part 3)

This is continued from Nine Effective, Natural, Proven Ways to Heal Migraine Headaches (Part 2)

#7 Learn a few relaxation techniques this season

One of the relaxation techniques that we can offer is the Sudarshan Kriya (SK), a unique breathing and relaxation technique that has proven to be an effective cure in healing patients with migraine. SK is associated with an increase in GaBa levels, the absence of which is a cause of migraine and anxiety. It also relaxes our nervous system while balancing stress hormones, the imbalance of which accounts for 80% of migraine cases worldwide. Know more about Sudarshan Kriya

The Brahmari pranayama, when done prior to the Sudarshan Kriya, releases serotonin and helps address post-partum and menstrual migraine. "It stimulates the upper respiratory tract sensitive to a migraine attack", adds Dr. Shiksha. Rajaque Rahman, a former journalist who once had a chronic case of migraine, practices Sudarshan Kriya regularly and has found it to be a life-changing experience. "It has been thirteen years since my last migraine attack and my first Sudarshan Kriya", shares Rajaque with a smile. SK alone can flush out 90% of the toxins from your body when done regularly with complete awareness.

#8 Detoxify yourself

It is only when we are not well that we need to be pampered and cared for. Is there anything better than a full body massage at such times? Trained therapists, like those at the Art of Living Panchakarma centers across India and abroad, can help you de-stress. There are a few Panchakarma treatments, like Vamana and Virechana, that are proven, natural ways to detoxify your body. Undergoing this therapy just once a year can remarkably improve your overall health.

#9 Get the fear out of your mind

Have you noticed that, at times, the fear of a migraine attack can also cause migraines. Does the fear of doing something detrimental to your health always lurk in the back of your mind? There are times when you end up doing things that are not good for your health and then keep worrying about a silly headache all through the day. The fear itself then becomes a trigger. There's nothing to worry about it – it is wise to just let bygones be bygones and relax. If a headache is inevitable, you sleep and relax. If you can offset your headache by taking rest, then too you must relax. In either case, just relax! Know more on how to get rid of fear with meditation

While these are some home-based remedies that we can suggest, you might have to try different combinations to see what works best for you. Since we are all made differently, what might be effective for one might not be so helpful for another. Listen to your body and work out your regime accordingly. Yes, you can treat your migraine – it is not a permanent condition!

I don't need to worry about migraines anymore – Gurudatt Anvekar

Gurudatt Anvekar is a graphic designer by profession and has to spend most of his time in front of a computer screen. Yet he has not had a severe case of migraine in the last one month. "Being a migraineur makes you sensitive to light", quotes Guru. "Yet, now I am able to work for longer hours in front of my computer. The intensity of my headache has also reduced remarkably since I started meditating. Prior to this, I used to suffer migraine attacks once in two weeks and they would last for two to three days.

Now it is has reduced to just once in two months, and that too with lesser intensity", he adds. "My secret is yoga and meditation. When I do a little exercise before meditation, it makes my meditation deep. When meditation is deep, I am able to relax more. Now I have gone off my medication and prefer meditation and Sudarshan Kriya over all other cures."

Written by Ravisha Kathuria
Based on inputs by Dr. Shiksha Thakur, Ayurvedic physician and Nadi Parikshak and Mamta Singh, International writer, author (Migraines for the Informed Woman: Tips from a Sufferer), and holistic health therapist based out of Qatar

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