7 Delicious Secrets That Can Help Men Become Better Cooks (Part-2)

This is continued from 7 Delicious Secrets That Can Help Men Become Better Cooks (Part-1)

#4 From Following Patterns To Breaking Them

Once you are clear with the basics of cooking, you can start experimenting with something new and out of the box and come up with a recipe of your own. Let those be your signature meals. You can even keep a kitchen journal – a record of your creative outbursts. "If you wish to learn, don't fear to make a fool of yourself", quips Bawa. You never know, one of your kitchen slipups might end up being an innovative dish.

Bawa believes that cooking is only limited by one's imagination. You can take it to the great, greater, greatest heights of your imagination. Creativity is already present in you and it can be evoked. If there is no creativity, you cannot bring it from somewhere. It is like applying heat to corn and getting popcorn. There is inherent creativity in you, and relaxing with meditation can help you tap that source. You just need to play around with your recipes. However, it is good to make sure you are clear about your basics before you advance to a higher level. "Get the pace first and then try a marathon", adds Adwitiya Kumar, technical associate and a young cooking enthusiast.

#5 Cooking Healthy

While developing the required skill set to be able to cook well is one thing, there are a few things that Kaushani believes are quite important to cook a healthy dish. The five things to remember when you want to cook healthy are: your state of mind, your head fully covered, nails cut, hands cleaned, and the ability to enjoy cooking.

If you have come home from a hard day at work, you are less likely to enjoy cooking unless you see it as a stress buster. If cooking is another household chore for you, then meditation can help. Meditation helps you fall in love with just everything. When tired, you can meditate to welcome freshness; when you are dull, you can meditate to welcome some rejuvenating energy; and when you feel off, you can meditate to switch on. In short, meditation can help you calm the restless mind. Once calm, you are more likely to cook a tastier meal. Surprised? Well here's why – food is energy. And it gives us energy. The energy that is carried in food is the energy that we will absorb. If the food has high energy, we are likely to feel happy, else dull.

Did you know that our food's energy level is determined by the person who is making it – the one who is cutting vegetables, boiling it, sautéing it, and serving it. It is determined by the state of mind of the person who's directly in contact with the food. So, if you want your beloved to be happy, cook a meal with love, not anger.

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