3 untold secrets of how
to overcome fear

I had to once make a presentation. I was not ready. Something inside me was afraid. My palms were sweaty, my heartbeat was faster. I could not concentrate on what I was reading. I knew I was fearful – the fear of facing so many people.

I immediately went into a hiding and meditated for few minutes. It was magical that after those few profound minutes of deep silence, I emerged calmer and confident from within.

Noticeably, for me, there was the fear of extinction and this I believe this fear is imbibed by Mother Nature itself. The more I meditate, the more I understand that the only way to let go of this fear is by broadening my vision of myself. My real identity is not through the body but through the consciousness that resides within me. The second way to beat this fear is through faith. The faith that only the best will happen to me. These two ideas became my pillars of strength to fight fear.

Lack of trust also causes fear. Distance causes uncertainty and fear, and this is harmful for any family’s or a society’s progress. When members of a nation do not trust one another, then there is fear. You should fear the law, but you cannot function in the society with fear all the time. Be it fear of authority, fear of the people senior to you, fear of losing a loved one, fear of losing a job, or fear of being persecuted. The truth is you cannot manage anything through fear. Fear is essential, but it is good only when it is present like a pinch of salt. But, listed here are 3 secrets to overcome fear, which we were never told before. Live a fear-free life.

Different types of fear:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear due to anxiety
  • Fear of exams
  • Fear of driving
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of drowning
  • Fear of rejection

3 untold secrets to overcome fear

#1: Get rid of past baggage, get rid of fear

Let your past be in the past. Most of the times, the incidents of the past bothers becomes a botheration even in the present. If you are scared of dogs, it’s probably because you have had an unpleasant experience in the past. To avoid going through a similar experience, you are afraid of going near a dog.

Children are usually not afraid of anything and this is because they have no impressions. But, as we grow up, we gather a stock of good and bad experiences, which become our impressions. Some of these impressions turn into fear. Meditation removes these impressions and makes you free from within.

“I had the phobia of walking in the dark; I would feel someone would attack me from behind. Taking a friend’s advice, I started practicing meditation regularly. It’s been almost two years now that I have kept up with my practice and darkness does not scare me anymore,” said Roopal Rana.

#2: Face the anxiety

Anxiety happens on daily basis. When you feel anxious, your mind gets stuck in a whirlpool of uncontrolled thoughts. Thoughts like ‘what will happen?’ are a constant. This bombardment of thoughts makes you fearful.

Meditation makes you calm and gives you the inner strength to face any situation. It instills in you the faith that whatever happens will happen for the best, even if that ‘whatever’ is unknown to you.  

Meditation helps you drop the anxiety about the unknown future and brings your mind to the present moment. There is one secret about the present moment. All the actions happen only in the present moment. And an action is possible only in the present moment, as one cannot act in future. With a relaxed mind, you are able to carry out the required action by overcoming fear.

Meditation was a savior during my MBA exams. Earlier, I would be fearful of forgetting what I have studied. But after I learned to meditate, my MBA exams went smooth and the fear of failure vanished magically,” said Sahib Singh.

One of the causes of anxiety is also lack of prana (life force energy). Meditation increases the prana in the body, resulting in anxiety-free mind.

#3: Drop the ‘ME’

We deal with people day in and day out. We often are in the race and fear of whether we will manage to impress all those who we meet. It takes such an effort to not be scared of how others may judge us. This is because our ‘ego’ intervenes.

On the contrary, when you are hanging out with friends, you are comfortable and natural. Being natural is an antidote to ego. Regular practice of meditation brings you back to your nature. It makes you natural. Fear is nothing but love upside down. Usually, we are scared something that you don’t like or something that is unknown to you. And, there is something that can convert this fear back to love. It is meditation. This simple 20-minute act has the potential to dissolve the seeds of fear.

“I was the only vegetarian in my social circle and would worry about being socially accepted. To impress my friends, I would lie to them about eating non-vegetarian food. With regular meditation, I gained the courage to tell them the truth and today I’m proud to be a vegetarian,” shared Kaamna Arora.

6 meditation tips to live fearlessly

  1. When you are feeling scared or anxious, a few minutes of meditation comes in handy the most.
  2. Hmmm process – the instant antidote to fear.
  3. Keep reminding yourself that everything happens for the best.
  4. Keep up with your practice. Meditating daily for 20 minutes will help you get over your phobias, eventually.
  5. Morning is the ideal time to meditate, though you may do it any other time of the day, on a relatively empty stomach.
  6. To have a deeper meditation experience, choose a quiet corner.

The other side of fear

If you have a little fear - relax! Like salt in the food, a little bit of fear is essential for you to be righteous. Imagine what would happen if people had no fear at all? Students will not study if they had absolutely no fear of failure. You will not take care of your health if you had no fear of falling sick. So be wise and acknowledge the usefulness of having a little fear in you.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

Written by Divya Sachdev, based on inputs from Chinky Sen, Faculty, The Art of Living

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