Self Confidence and Ambition

Ambition indicates lack of self-confidence! When you know you can achieve something easily, you are not ambitious about it. You are simply confident about it. Your ambition indicates challenge and uncertainty, which is contrary to self-confidence. So one you has total self-confidence cannot be ambitious!!

At the same time a person who lacks total self-confidence cannot be ambitious either!! For ambition to be, one must have a little bit of confidence and total ignorance of the Self. It is next to impossible to have total confidence without Self-knowledge. With the knowledge of the Self, there is nothing left to achieve, for the entire nature of existence is mere play and display of one's own consciousness. People take pride in being ambitious. The wise man will only smile at them. Ambition can never be for

something you know you can achieve your goal effortlessly. You can only be ambitious about something for which you have to put effort, which poses a challenge and of which you are not even certain you will be able to achieve or not. Moreover it takes away the joy of the moment. With the Self-knowledge nothing is challenging to you, nor you need to put any effort. Nature is ready to fulfill your intention even before they arise, giving you no chance to crave or desire. Nature does not allow the wise to have a desire (ambition), and the unwise to fulfill or get rid of the desire (ambition).

Do you still want to be ambitious ?? Or is your only ambition is to get rid of ambition !! (Laughter )