How to enjoy meditation
even in noisy places

Meditation is peace-giving and many like to have silence around them when meditating. But only if this world worked as per our likes! Many people, including long-term meditators, still experience irritation when confronted with noise while they are meditating. There are two types of noises that can disturb you - internal and external. To silence the two is an art. With these helpful tips, you can learn how to enjoy your meditation even in a noisy surrounding - within or without.


Dealing with the noise outside

Acknowledge the noise and stop fighting it: It is said that what you resist, persists. It means that the more you fight the noise, the more you push it away, the more it will bother you.

Simply become aware of it and acknowledge it. Take your attention to the noises outside and observe each sound. Then return to your breath. This brings your mind to the present moment and helps it settle down. Then, there will come a point when you transcend the noises, and it stops bothering you.

Slip headphones over your ears: If you have recently started practicing meditation and find it difficult to accept the noises then there’s a trick that can come handy. Simply slip headphones over your ears and turn on a guided meditation on your phone. This will cut out the noise and you can enjoy the meditation too.


Dealing with noise inside your mind

If you are the kinds who experience a bombardment of thoughts during meditation, then the below ways can help you shut down the chatter within and meditate peacefully.

Physical exercise: Doing some physical exercise such as yoga asanas will help you release the restlessness in your body and mind. It will bring stillness in the body and silence the mind. Doing a few minutes of pranayama would also add to the positive effect.

Keep a check on what you eat: Eating a vegetarian diet of green vegetables, fruits, pulses, and grains is advisable for a better experience. Food has an impact on our mental activity. Adhering to a nutritious diet can help in settling the mind.

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Do not fight back the chatter: The key here is acceptance. Normally, when our mind is super active with thoughts, we either try to resist them or we get into a constant chatter with ourselves. We get into the loop of judging them as good and bad thoughts. Resisting thoughts do not help because they keep coming back - remember, what you resist, persists. But, when you accept the thoughts as they come, you transcend to witness consciousness. This brings the mind to the present moment and helps it to settle down.


Follow the AOA (Aware, Observe and Accept)

The secret here is to be aware, observe and accept. Then you transcend and emerge with an unshakeable smile.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

Graphics by Niladri Dutta

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